NEW! Buy It Here = Enter to Win Cash! #HEAVCON

Have you heard about the great new Buy It Here program at the HEAV convention this year? I was so excited when I heard about this, not only does it help out the vendors (which after all make convention pretty great), but it is a way that we can possibly win $100.  Here are all the details, plus the answer to some questions that I had. If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll see if I can get the answers to those as well!

Buy It Here

This year, every time you spend $25 at the convention, bring your receipt to one of the receipt redemption stations in the convention center to be validated, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $100 cash prize! There will be a winner each day of convention. More information will be found in your convention program.

Support the Exhibitors

The exhibitors–many of them homeschooling families themselves–come to the convention at great expense and are available to talk, answer questions, and share their resources and experience–but they can only continue to come if we support them with our shopping dollars. The new “Buy-It-Here” program is a fun and encouraging way to remember to support our exhibitors whenever possible by purchasing onsite when you can–and don’t forget to enter the “Buy-It-Here” drawing each day!

Frequently Asked Questions (technically, these are questions I asked, but I asked a few different people, so that does count for frequently asked?)

  • Do you need to be present to win?
    • No, you do not need to be present to win.
  • Will there be a drawing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday or just Friday and Saturday?
    • There will be a drawing on Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m.and at 5 p.m. on Saturday.
  • How do people find out if they win?
    • The winner will be called on the cell phone number they provide on the ticket. We will also post the winners on Facebook and Twitter.
  • How do people get their prize?
    • We are thinking if they are not present at the drawing, they will be able to pick it up at the information desk until closing on Saturday, after that it will be mailed to the winners.

5 Tips — 5 days — 1 great giveaway

2015 Convention

Do you know what happens in just over 5 weeks? That’s right – the HEAV convention starts in just over 5 weeks!!  So – over the next five days I am going to be posting different tips and tricks and some behind the scenes info just for you!

5 areas where you can volunteer at the HEAV Convention

 Silent Auction

silent auction 2014


Volunteering at the Silent Auction means that you can keep your eye on those items that you really want (plus you can work with me!!) Statistically volunteers get all of the best items at the best prices. (OK, I made that one up!)

Used Curriculum Sale

UCS 2014

Volunteering for the UCS allows you to see lots of the cool stuff before it even goes on sale, plus if you help with setup, you can eat chocolate for dinner and not have to exercise after.

Workshop Hostess


Volunteering as a Workshop Host means that you have a guaranteed spot in the workshop, plus you get to meet the speaker before hand to ask if they need anything.


200 Homeschool Graduates Get Ready to Embark Upon a New Stage of Life

Volunteering at graduation means that you get to help with parents and kids who “made it” – think of all of the collective knowledge in that room.

 Exhibit Hall

Exhibit hall

Volunteering in the Exhibit Hall means that you get to booth sit – which means that you get to hang out at any one of so many cool booths while the vendor takes a quick break.

Ready to sign up – Great! Volunteer Sign Up Form. You can read more about volunteering in my post from last year – The best thing about convention!

Want to win a free family convention? Enter to win

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Creation Science

As we are wrapping up another round of Creation Science in our co-op I wanted to share my posts that were done for the HEAV blog.

Here are the links to the different days — Enjoy!

“Show Me” Your Cure for Cabin Fever

It’s been a bit cold this winter here in PA.  I am used to VA winters, which while they get cold, occasionally have warm days and the snow melts in between snow storms. Here in PA it’s considered warm when it is in the 20′s, that is because we can spend weeks at a time in the single digits. However, we (SixHands and I) did find something that we can actually do outside in the cold and we both like it.

With SixHands’ Boy Scout Troop we visited Beer Creek Resort and went snow tubing!

Check out this cure for Cabin Fever – lots of sunshine, a brisk wind in your face and racing downhill at super sonic speeds. (ok, maybe not that fast, but it was still very cool)

Here is a view from the top looking down – You had an option of getting a slow tube (with a more rubbery bottom) or a fast tube (with a solid bottom). I picked a fast tube!


Here is a cool progression of shots – Watch the left hand lane, at first you don’t see anything, but trust me SixHands is at the top, then you will see the little black dot getting closer and closer -













“Show Me” a fun (indoor) field trip idea

There are a number of options for indoor field trip. You can go to the museum, go to the library, visit a grocery store and see foods from different countries.  The trick in the winter though is finding a field trip that allows kids to exercise and burn off some of that energy that they would normally be able to expend playing outside.

Check out our Boy Scouts at SkyZone – It’s an indoor trampoline jumping facility. They have basketball, dodge ball and one area that is covered in trampolines, including along the walls.



I have more pictures, but I also have Bible Study today so I wanted to at least get this picture in for now.

See you again next week when I “show you” our cure for cabin fever.