Writing Every Day – Day 2 – “Sure! That counts as school”

woohoo!  I made it two days.  Ok – this may not seem like much to some, but for me it’s pretty good.

I was thinking earlier – I probably should throw in occasional homeschool items as this blog is called “How we school” – but it’s summertime so we take a very relaxed approach to school in the summer.

What have we done for “school” this summer?  Well let’s see –

In June we (meaning I) attended the HEAV homeschool conference in Richmond, Va – the kids spent the time with their grandparents (that is geography, history, social studies and genealogy), we were visisted by the other grandparents (more history, social studies and genealogy), we went fishing (nature, science, aquatic life, biology), we traveled to RI (geography) to visit family (social studies, genealogy), and we attended Scout meetings.

In July there was the 4th of July (social studies), Boy Scout Camp (everything from social studies to aquatics to health and safety to PE), playing in the pool and of course technology (playing on the computer).

Now some may look at that list and think that some of it is reaching, but I beg to differ.  After all – when you are studying social studies – you learn about different cultures and history – guess what – when you visit with grandparents and extended family that is exactly what you get, but it is in the form of personal stories that are relevant to your past.  In Social Studies you also learn about holidays – what better way to learn about a holiday than to celebrate it!

Geography – did you know that when you get in the car you are studying Geography?  No – it’s not the formal here is a worksheet with a map of a pretend community, now find your way from the house to the bank – this is the 3-D version.  This is the hands on, look out the window and tell me what you see version.  Did you know that if you are visiting Rhode Island and you are in Pawtucket and need to run to a shoe store – the closest one might just be in Massachusetts?  and if you are visiting relatives you may end up going into and out of the state multiple times before reaching your destination.  This is real geography – now the kids know that Massachusetts borders Rhode Island.

Boy Scouts – You know what – I am not even going to go into this – if the things they learn in Boy Scouts isn’t education then something is wrong with the system.  At camp – you get up in the morning and have breakfast together, then you go and watch the flag raising while standing silently at attention.  From there you go to various classes (of your choosing) like fishing, orienteering, and mammal study – in between times you have free time that you spend either swimming, learning new things (like visiting the shooting or archery range) or doing a service project.  At dusk, there is the flag lowering – again silent and at attention.  Well – I guess I technically did “go into this” but it really is a good organization.

Technology – Playing and learning, creating cities using lego blocks (RoBlox), learning strategy and logic (coolmath-games.com), writing your own video games using visual based software code (scratch), and making and creating stop motion animation videos about just about anything (webcam and video editing software).  What more could you want?

So – even though we were “relaxed” in our schooling this summer – we still learned quite a bit – and summer isn’t over yet!

What have you done this summer?  Take a minute to think about it – don’t just think about the big things, think about the little things too.  Have you been going for walks in the evening?  Have you been to the local pool?  How about going to the library?

You will be surprised at how much “schooling” you have done.



Writing a post daily

So I have this friend – Pamela (not Pam – Pamela!) – she has a blog – You can read it at pamelahodges.org – it is called – I paint, I write.

anyway – Pamela did a challenge a couple of months ago – the challenge was to write daily for a month.  She did it too – she wrote each day – sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.  There are lots of days when I think – oh – I should write on my blog – but then I get distracted and busy and I don’t do it.

Here’s the thing – I like to write.  I enjoy writing.  I am one of those rare literate engineers – I can say this because I spent 7 years in college with other engineers and I am married to an engineer –

anyway – here is my start – I did have to stop a few times in order to do other things, but I am going to post this before anything else happens and I have to stop again.  Remind me later to tell you about the wooden swing and attacking yellow jackets with lysol.

for now – i am going to go order some shoes (they are on sale!) and I am going to put some beef stew in the crock pot for dinner with friends!

The plan is to write each day until the end of the month (yes that’s only 6 days – but you have to start somewhere) – Maybe I’ll write until my sister’s b-day (beginning of August), or my nephew’s birthday (middle of August), or my little bug’s b-day (end of August) – I guess we will see – I’m taking bets now –