Daisy and Honey

It great to be a homeschooler.  My princess is taking a co-op class called flying creatures.  In this class the teacher asked the kids to bring in bugs to examine.

As we were going to be traveling I posted a request to some friends to help us find some bugs for her class.  In response to my request a friend offered us something special.  This is how we acquired our new pets – Daisy and Honey.



Yup!  They are bugs!  Actually – Daisy and Honey are Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.  Coming from Madagascar Daisy and Honey prefer it to be warm, but they are faring well here.  My Princess wrote a story about her pets.  As soon as I get pictures of her story I will post those as well.

So far Daisy and Honey are well traveled, they started out living with our friend, then came with us to Grandmommy and Grandpa’s house, then Auntie’s house before finally coming home.  They are still young (teenagers) so they do not hiss as of yet.  We think (we hope) that Daisy is a girl and Honey is a boy.  We will find out when they get a bit older.  Their horns will help us determine their sex – males have larger horns for fighting.

Daisy and Honey like to eat carrots, and peppers and lettuce.  They are quite fun to play with too – they like to climb and seem to have gotten to know us – as they prefer to be handled by us versus someone else.

Anything else you would like to know about Daisy and Honey?  Just ask!


The paper towel bedding was just a temporary solution until we had time to replace their original bedding which had gotten old during our travels.

Now they have fresh clean corn cob bedding.  The stick is a play toy – they like to climb it – as well as a place to hang out and sleep.  The toilet paper roll is a tunnel to crawl through.

They seem to enjoy that as well.  The orange that you see is carrots and the white globby looking thing in the corner is a wet paper towel in a plastic cup – that is so they can drink, but there is no risk of drowning.

My Princess on the floor watching her pets

Oh – and they are great climbers – here is one of them on the top of the cage.  I can’t tell which one from the underside.