CHAP convention! Day 2

It’s the second day of the CHAP convention and it’s been going great.

I’m having trouble with WordPress on my phone, but I’ll be back to share more later.

The big thing to note is that CHAP is changing locations and dates for next year.

Next year the CHAP convention will be on June 2 & 3 and will be held at the Lancaster convention center.  How exciting!

5 Weeks and Counting

5 weeks!!! That’s right – it’s only five weeks until the HEAV Convention.  As promised on Facebook I’m planning to post some suggestions and tips that I have picked up over the years. However, first things first – why should you go to convention?

  • Three days of unending knowledge
  • Support and encouragement
  • More used curriculum in one place that I have ever seen!
  • Fantastic speakers
  • An amazing Children’s Program

If you aren’t sure about convention, try it just this once, you will be hooked. This will be my 12th year attending – and I don’t even live in VA anymore. It’s that good! I’ll be there – will you?

Ok – here are the first of the tips –

  • Make sure you are registered! I know this one sounds silly, but I have known people who are involved in convention planning and preparation who have forgotten to register for the actual convention. So – if you haven’t registered yet – take a min and do it now – HEAV Convention Page
  • Check out the Used Curriculum Sale – The barcoding system is open – you can now go online and learn about selling, and shopping.
  • Finally – check out the General Convention Information on the HEAV site.

I’ll be back later next week and let you know some more ideas and tips, fun things like what to bring with you to convention, printouts you will want, and vendors you should definitely check out. For now, I have to go get a few things pulled together for camping. It’s cold, rainy and it’s orienteering weekend with the Boy Scouts.