Convention 101

So are you going to a homeschool convention?  Have you been a lot of times before or is this your first time?  Either way you have come to the right place!

1 – if you are a first time attendee you need to know this first – there is no way to do it all – don’t try, it will just make you as crazy as the rest of us who tried to do it all the first time

2 – if you are a seasoned attendee – then why are you reading Convention 101?  Go past this and check out the tips for convention goers.

Great – you are still here.  You have gotten through steps one and two and you are ready to press on.  Well – here’s the bad news.  This is a work in progress – unfortunately it is being written and posted as I come up with time to write and post it.  The goal is to get it done before convention season – (note: I never said which year!).