Day 7 – today’s post – making a bird bath

Do you like how I did that?  I listed Day 6 as yesterday’s post and Day 7 as today’s post.  Here’s a secret – they were both written today.  Hee Hee Hee – Shhh, don’t tell.

So my wise and wonderful friend from the other day who recommended to me to change my name also had some other great ideas.  Here is what this person said,

“Think of things that will benefit others and incorporate your stories and funny anecdotes into them. Once you capture your audience, you can talk more about whatever you want to.”

I took that to mean – “While I appreciate knowing how many diapers you change, noses you wipe and dryers you repair – give me something a wee bit more helpful.”

So here is one that I got from the Berks County Heritage Center in Reading, PA.

My Mother-In-Law and I went to a workshop put on by the Berks County Heritage Center.

Workshop Name:  “Create a Hanging Bird Bath”
Workshop Description: “Using natural vines and branches, Barbara Mills will lead participants in creating a simple birdbath using a tray and wire to hang in their yard.”

The idea came from a book that Ms. Mills had.  It was an older book about creating things around the yard to make decorations.  I don’t remember the name of the book – sorry.  But since I went to the workshop and learned how to make the birdbath I can tell you how to do it too.  🙂

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic Tray – These are called planter saucers if you are looking them up online. 
  • Wire – You can play with this a bit, we used a pretty copper wire, but if you want it to blend in more you can use a green floral wire.  Make sure whatever you use won’t rust.
  • Natural materials – While sticks and flowers can work – the best thing to use here is vines, or the really tall flowers with flexible stems.  The reason is because you are going to be making a circle and you want it to stay together.  Some vines that work nicely are Ivy and grape vine.


The first thing you need to do it make 4 holes in your saucer.  (This why it needs to be plastic)  Ms. Mills was wonderful enough to have this step completed for us, so I can’t tell you exactly how to do it, but I can tell you the tips she gave us.

  1. If you can careful you can use a piece of hot wire to melt a hole through the plastic.
  2. You can try a drill, but they do tend to slip off the edge.
  3. Make sure you drill the holes towards the top of the saucer – if you don’t it isn’t going to work very well for a bird bath, because the water will leak out the holes.  🙂  (My tip: If you are going to use it as a feeder station, then putting the holes a bit lower will allow for rain drainage.)

(Not the best drawing, but you get the idea)

After you have your holes made in the saucer, set it aside for a minute and start work on your natural materials.  What you want to do it make a loop about the same size as the base of the saucer.  This is where it is best to have flexible foliage.  Basically make it into a loop and then wind the ends in to tie it all together.  After you have your initial circle you can continue to weave pieces into it – including fresh flowers.

Next cut your pieces of wire.  You will want four pieces that are the same length – the length depends on where you are going to hang it, but at least 18 – 24 inches long.

Thread a piece of wire through each hole and twist it so that it stays on the saucer.

Flip the saucer over and reaching through the center of your woven wreath, then turn your saucer over while spreading the pieces of wire out to the edges.  Lift your four pieces of wire up so that they “pin” the wreath to the bottom of the saucer.

Twist the four wires together at the top and then make a loop for hanging.

Last step, hang it in your yard and fill with water.  Since this is made of natural materials it will wilt and turn brown, but you can continue to add new flowers or allow it to dry and go with the dried flower look.

I didn’t take pictures while I was making this which is why I don’t have pictures for each step so feel free to ask if you have questions.  I will try to make another one sometime and put in pictures.

Here is a shot of the finished project hanging in my backyard.

Gotta post now – I have 6 mins left until midnight!  🙂