Lazy Days of Summer – Yeah right

Ok – since May this is what we have been doing –


princess's first communion dress in progress

  • Boy Scout Camping @ French Creek
  • Six Hands Birthday
  • CHAP Convention
  • Princess’s First Holy Communion
  • Closing ceremony for our co-op
  • Cub Scout Fun Fair
  • Boy Scout Scrap Drive
  • Cub Scout Movie Night



  • Girl Scout End of the Year Awards
  • HEAV Convention
  • SEARCH Convention
  • GSEP Leader Banquet
  • My Honey Pie’s Birthday
  • Birthday party for Nana in RI
  • Cub Scout Day Camp
  • Cub Scout Baseball Night
  • Baseball Night with my Honey’s work


cub scout camp bb range

  • Visited Studio B to complete a pre-req for a merit badge
  • Boy Scout Camp
  • Girl Scout Camp

August sees us camping, going to TX to visit grandparents, another Cub Scout event, and going to Pennypacker Mills for their History Adventures.

That being said – I am also working on my posts for the HEAV blog – be sure to check it out – and working on each room in turn to get the house ready to put on the market.  We are looking to move somewhere locally, that isn’t on the main road. I would like more than one tree and maybe even a creek.  🙂

So anything in particular that you want to hear about? Want to know more about camping? How about my mission to de-clutter the house room by room? Let me know in the comments and maybe it will be the next post!

Michelle – Homeschooler On The Edge