Day 8??? – I think??? – Teaching with Tech

So the hardest part about writing each day isn’t the writing – it’s the remembering.  Not only remembering to write (which is hard enough), but remembering what day I am on.  Now I see why my friend Pamela did a monthly writing thing.  If you forget what day you are on, just look at the date and you will know.

OK – I just looked back, I am on Day 8 – yeah!  But I did miss a day in there – remember day 6/7.  In order to be proper and fair I think I have to start over.  After all – it’s only right to start over.  It has nothing to do with today being the 1st of the month and therefore making it SOOOOOO much easier for me to remember what day I am on.

Over the next few days I want to share a few of the things that I learned last night at an online seminar put on by the lovely people at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  Each month the Old Schoolhouse magazine does a free online event.  Last night (July 31st) the event was titled Teaching with Tech.  I consider myself a pretty tech savvy person, but I learned about so much stuff that I didn’t even realize was out there.  I heard about some other things that I already knew, but even with the things I knew about, there were still aspects of it that I didn’t realize.

Tonight’s blog entry is going to be short – the reason being the wonderful ladies at NewBee Homeschooler have already done all of the work.  I have been homeschooling for quite a while now so I don’t consider myself a “NewBee”, but these ladies have so much great stuff, it doesn’t matter.

One of the things I am most excited about right now is their free planner!!!  I have looked and looked and looked and looked for a planner that will work for us.  I am generally a paper person, but when schooling I feel the need to jot down things that we do so I can keep track.  These lovely ladies have created a great planner – and that is why I have to cut this short.  I have to go make mine!!!  I get to pick out my cover, choose which style of calendar pages, decide if I want lesson planning pages and how I want them laid out – as I said — EXCITING!

Oh – I just glanced back at the page – there is a section on dividers and page protectors!  Can you hear the excitement in my voice?  My computer can hear it because I am typing very quickly!

Now I know you are super excited to so I won’t keep you from it anymore.  You already know how to get to NewBee Homeschooler site – but here is the secret passageway to get directly to the planning page!

Free Curriculum Planner – 7 Steps – Start Here
And here is the blog of the cool ladies who run the site.  Thanks so much!

Now I have to run and work on my new planner!