Happy New Year – Family Time

My honey and I decided to do something a little different, but hopefully very special. We decided to plan special dates throughout 2015. Some of these will be Mom/Dad dates, parent/child dates, some of them will be family trips, and there will be an occasional Mom or Dad Only trip.

Why are we doing this? Even though we homeschool, there are still times when it seems like we spend time doing too many other things or focusing on making sure “school” gets done, chores get done, etc rather than spending quality one on one or quality family time.

While the kids don’t know it, we actually already started. We started with a Mommy/Bug Date today. The reason we started today is because there is a local refurbished railroad, and their last trip of the season was today so we wanted to check it out.

If you haven’t heard of the Colebrookdale Railroad, they have done an amazing job with the refurbishing of the tracks and the rail cars. This fall was a preview of the line with lots of things planned for the spring.

Here are just a few pictures of our trip today.

IMG_20141228_151736 IMG_20141228_160307 IMG_20141228_160321

So the plan for New Years is to reveal the upcoming plans for the year, plus tell them that we will add in things as we go. I even have a special calendar that I got from the LEGO store that I am going to have the things written on so they kids can see when things are coming up. Here is how it is all going to work –


  • Word document with each event details (date, time, tickets (if required, etc.)
  • Printed documents (such as tickets) are printed and located in my “travel drawer” so I know where things are
  • Calendar (gotten free from the LEGO store) with each event written on so they kids can look forward to it and know when it is coming up

Last year we won a few things at a few different auctions (Including HEAV’s Silent Auction!) The other auctions were ones that I went to in order to plan for HEAV’s Silent Auction.  So while at the different ones, we won a few things that included trips so those are planned into our Happy New Year Plan. The other “events” that we are planning are not big or expensive, but focus on spending time with the kids. Here are some examples:


  • Going to visit family and friends
  • Trip to the Poconos
  • Going Zip lining
  • HEAV Conference
  • Going to Sight and Sound
  • Going on a Train Trip
  • Daddy / Daughter Dance
  • Company Party
  • Trip to Zoo

Quality Time:

  • Woodworking
  • Craft time
  • Nature Walk
  • Bike Ride
  • Library Visit

Some of these are specific to each child. For example, SixHands loves to go to the library and have time to look for books and Princess absolutely loves to craft. I am looking for some new ideas as well. What kinds of things do your kids like to do with you? What Mom/Dad dates have you done that you really enjoyed?

I’ll let you know how the announcement goes – it will be tomorrow on New Year’s Day! Until then I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year!