Who is teaching who(m)? Part 2 – Still a chance to win a free Family registration to the HEAV convention

Well, let’s just start this off by saying what I learned over the last couple of days. If you put who when it is supposed to be whom, people notice. Lot’s of people notice. You will get messages via facebook and even phone calls to let you know what people noticed.

* sigh *

In my last post I told you I would tell you about something that I learned from a friend and that it involved an apple.  Well – without further ado – here is it:

 When cutting your apple, cut off the sides - similar to this:

sliced appleThen you cut the other side the same way. After you are done with 
the cutting, put the apple back together by pressing the pieces back
on to the center piece. Then wrap the apple with a rubber band -- 
this way, you can take a cut apple with you, and not have to worry 
about trying to cut it when you are out. This is a great idea with 
kids, especially if like with Bug, you have one that is missing some
teeth.  :)


Isn’t that totally cool! It was funny when she was going to show us, because she said of I have this neat thing to show you so we all got so excited that she was a little worried that we wouldn’t think it was cool enough. So technically there is another lesson in there – everyone gets insecure at times, even other moms.

Want to know how to feel more secure and recharged at the same time? Come to the HEAV convention. (Do you like how I did that?) I’m not promising that you will find out everything that you need to know, but I am promising that you will find out all sorts of great stuff, meet wonderful people (I’ll be there!) and be able to check out tons of curriculum. So, sign up below to try to win a free family convention!

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