Look out! It’s a Homeschooler on the Edge!

So after a bit of delibration and some weighing in of family and friends, I have decided to go  with the name – Homeschooler On the Edge!  Quite honestly, it just fits.  Homeschooling isn’t a calm and perfect journey, there are times when it is hectic and times when you feel just a little off balance, but it is the best journey – after all, you get to share it with your kids.

Anyway – I wanted to share the new name and new logo, but I am not going to stay too long – apparently allergy season is starting in PA, so I am a bit foggy with allergies and medication.  🙂  I will continue on the “Teaching with Tech” topic at the beginnign of the week.

For those who can’t wait – go and check out Andy – The Tech Homeschooler with the Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  Andy Harris writes the column “The Tech Homeschooler” and previous articles are posted at this site.  These contain all sorts of good information, including good free software, and educational online games.  Andy was one of the speakers at the Old Schoolhouse Expo.  Remember to check out their blog – Homeschooling with Heart – and sign up for this months event.  It’s free and they have lots of great information to share (plus there are usually giveaways!)

And if you want to know more about Schoolhouse Teachers (a division of The Old Schoolhouse) you can check them out here.  If you use this link and sign up that a portion of the proceeds comes to me.  Gotta love affiliate links!


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