Filling out Door Prize Tickets

Ahh – here you are – at convention –

You are walking along and you see a neat looking booth.  “Oh – I want to check that out”, you say or perhaps you are slightly overwhelmed already and you say, “ugh – there”.  (Just so you know if you happen to say it out loud you will get a few looks, but most of them will be smiling and understanding.)

Anyway – back to the neat looking booth.  So you stop and take a look, it has all sorts of cool things that you really like.  Before you buy it all, you see the little paper on the table – these little papers come in different shapes and sizes, some of them are connected to a clipboard, some small memo pads, some are handwritten, others are nicely typed up.  But the theory is always the same – it is a place to sign up for the mailing list and/or door prize entry.  So you take a few minutes and fill it out – no problem right.

It is now 8:00 in the evening – you have been in the exhibit hall for the entire day – it has been great!  You decide to take a  minute to sit down and look at your exhibit hall map (we will get to this map later and you realize with shock and dismay that you have only covered two aisles and there are 753 (at least it looks like that) more to go.  How did it take that much time?  Well, let’s do a bit of math to figure it out.

1 aisle = 50 vendors, Stopping to look at each vendor takes little time, but that isn’t a big deal as that is what you are there for – So, what is taking the time?  Oh wait, remember the door prize/mailing list thingy that you filled out.  It took what, 2 minutes?  Well (here is the math part and the reason that I picked 50 vendors – easier math) – 2 minutes at each form at each vendor is 100 minutes, 2 aisles means 200 minutes – Now you suddenly realize that you have spent over 3 hours filling out little forms.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to conventions to fill out forms.  So now you are thinking, “when is lunch?” (wait, that is me – you were thinking, “But I want to sign up for these door prizes and get on the mailing list for these cool companies!”  That’s ok – want to know how to do this without spending so much time?  Of course you do – silly me.

here it is – are you ready????

Return Address Labels

(pause for cheers, gasps of excitement and to wait for those who fainted from the amazing shock of it all)

Ok, everyone back now?

As you are still in the giddiness of the revelation of this major time saving device, I will explain to what to do with these labels.

Quite simply you make up a document (in Word or whatever else you have).  Format it to print address labels.  You can get these labels at any office supply store, or even target or Walmart.  On the box it will tell you what code to enter to have the labels formatted correctly.  On the the labels you will want to put the following :

Your name, address, phone number, email address

The reason behind this is that when you get to one of those form, you pull off a label, stick it on and you are done – now 2 minutes is 2 seconds and the 3 hours 20 minutes that you had spent is now 200 seconds or 3 minutes 20 seconds – WOW – more time to shop.


8 thoughts on “Filling out Door Prize Tickets

  1. Ok, I still have the one you made me & love it. Now I just need to figure out a way to get to the VA convention with ya!

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    • No problem – glad it helps. I plan to do printables this year before convention season – the label layout will be in those. Keep an eye out for it. Michelle

  3. Great idea! I am going to add this to my post about conventions when I re-post it and link to you, if that is okay. I am definitely going to print up some labels. Excellent thinking…

    • Sure Heather – not a problem. I love links to my page! 🙂 I am working on putting together some printables that I will be posting as convention season draws near (the address labels would be part of that). If you have a few minutes feel free to go back and read come of the other convention stuff – (you can just search “convention” from my page) – I tend to have fun with the preparation side of it. 🙂 Michelle

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