Ode to the Laundry Basket

This is something I wrote a while ago – I pull it out now and then to remind myself to enjoy the little things in life!

I think that I shall never see
2013-01-02 17.54.58

Something that drives me as crazy as thee

Why do I despise you so?

Is it the dirty laundry?  No!

It is what you have me see

in the depths of your basketry

Mixed among the dirty clothes

What will I find?  Heaven knows

Socks – obviously unworn and clean

as they are still folded – now that’s just mean

Baby doll outfits galore

How can they get dirty they hardly ever go out of the door

Perhaps it is just me and I shouldn’t complain

After all I have a washing machine and don’t have to rely on just the rain

And one day you will only hold

clothes that  belong to the old

So for now I will get along with you and

wash my little ones things

because from my laundry room – I can watch them play on the swings.

7 thoughts on “Ode to the Laundry Basket

  1. That was great, Michelle! You should submit that to The Old Schoolhouse magazine!

  2. Your poem has verbalized my thoughts that’ve been lying just beneath the surface of conscious knowing!

    I teared-up when I read: “And one day you will only hold clothes that belong to the old”, and then the last part uplifted those lines to a place of fulfillment, expanding the feeling of love that didn’t negate those lines, but enlightened them. (if that makes sense)

    For a Mom, this is so emotionally touching and a reminder to embrace every moment, even if that moment includes a “labor of love”. : )

    Thank you for bringing me back to my “depth”. Sometimes I neglect that part of myself.

    Your poem is nourishment for the soul!

    • Lea, I am so glad that my poem touched you and I appreciate you letting me know. I remember the day that I wrote it – it was last summer and the kids were out back playing – I can still see them running and laughing and playing. They have this game with the swings (it is a swing hanging from a tree) and one of them would be on the swing and trying to avoid the others who were trying to tag them.
      Thanks for sharing –

  3. Totally LOVE your laundry basket! How did you make it empty?! You MUST share your secret. LOL

    • Well – I had to move to PA to make my laundry basket empty! I did wash, and as the clothes were cleaned I put them into a box and taped it shut – I had a suitcase for each person for clothes that we needed for the time between houses! 🙂

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