Homeschool Mom’s Science Retreat Weekend – Dissection!

Homeschool Mom’s Science Retreat Weekend – Dissection!

Ok – here is your warning – this post is from the Mom’s Science Retreat weekend.  This is the part where we dissected a pregnant uterus – there are pictures, they are cool, but they are graphic.

The date of this post is listed as January 1, 2013 – this is so that the post does not appear on the front page for those who do not wish to view the dissection pictures.

If you have problems with dissection – don’t look.  I know some people may have issues other than the “Eww, that’s gross” sort, however this was done as an educational endeavor not a political statement.

Still here?

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Ok – then let’s go –

On Sunday of the Mom’s Retreat we did a dissection (after breakfast, but before lunch!)  I have to say, I think it is quite cool to be able to see the insides of things.  When I was younger I loved to take things apart.  In fact, I still like to take things apart!  Dissection isn’t for everyone and we had a few moms who chose to watch as their level of participation while others decided it was a beautiful day outside and took a walk for a little while.

While I don’t know all of the details of what we were looking at – I will tell you the parts I do know in the captions for the pictures.  Our surgeons were myself and my friend Kathy, our photographer was my friend Maria.

We were given a tray containing a pregnant uterus – it was the uterus of either a cow or a sheep – we had to determine which by performing a C-Section on the uterus.

2013-04-14 10.12.14

Our first step was to orient ourselves and to figure out what was what.  We started off by locating the birth canal.  Then moving the uterus around to determine the best place to perform the C-Section so as to not cut the baby.2013-04-14 10.12.402013-04-14 10.13.112013-04-14 10.13.24

As we began to cut the uterine wall we saw a thin film under it.  At first we thought this was the amniotic sac, however it was another layer of the uterine wall.  While it is see through, it was not as thin as the amniotic sac.

2013-04-14 10.13.592013-04-14 10.15.242013-04-14 10.15.292013-04-14 10.15.372013-04-14 10.15.39-1After cutting through the layers of the uterine wall, we located the amniotic sac that contained the baby.  The amniotic sac was much thinner than the uterine wall.  As this as it is – it really is amazing how God designed the uterus.  First there is the protection of the mother’s skin and muscles  then the uterine wall, then the amniotic sac – they all work together to protect the baby growing inside.  You can see the baby inside of the sac even before we cut it.  This allowed us to cut the amniotic sac without cutting the baby.

2013-04-14 10.17.272013-04-14 10.16.332013-04-14 10.16.49

After the opened the amniotic sac, we removed our baby lamb.  You can see how the baby is connected to the uterus with the umbilical cord.  Our photographer had the honor of cutting the cord so we don’t have a picture of that part. It is amazing to see how the baby is connected to the mother.

2013-04-14 10.18.002013-04-14 10.17.492013-04-14 10.17.50

After we “birthed” our baby lamb, we checked the uterus to make sure there were no more babies.  The round nodule looking things you can see are called Placentomes.  Placentomes are a combination of the Cotyledon (the fetal side of the placenta) and the Caruncle (the maternal side of the placenta).  We decided our baby lamb should have a name – her name is Sarah.  

2013-04-14 10.18.00


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