CTHGYRFC – Part 2 (II) – The File Folder

No that doesn’t mean part two of two – it’s just in Roman Numerals as that is what we are going to be studying this fall so I figured I would get a head start on it.  

Once again for those who weren’t paying attention – CTHGYRFC stands for Committee To Help Get You Ready For Convention.  Now on with the important things –

Now I know what you must be thinking.  Why on Earth do I need a file folder at convention?  I can sort through things when I get home.  The answer to this is two fold.  The first thing to think about is will you sort through things when you get home?  Personally, I used to take lots of notes when I am in sessions and these notes contained lots of great information that I usually read when I was preparing my notebook for the next year.  So unless you are collecting information for the next next homeschool year – here is why you need a file folder at convention, what exactly you need and what to do with it once you get there!


File Folder – ideally this would be a folder that had a number of different slots that could be individually labeled and that either didn’t have a top, or had a top that could be folded back. This is something that you will want quick access to.

Labels – these will go on the various sections of your file folder so get them to fit the file folder you have – if you get them to fit my file folder then it might not fit yours, however feel free to mail them to me as I will use them for you.  (Aren’t I sweet!)

That’s it – at least until you get to convention – that is all you need.

The labels:

Your labels may vary from someone else’s but the theory is the same.  You will want your labels to reflect the things you are most likely going to find at convention.  Personally,  have mine labeled with subjects (i.e. math, science, social studies, language arts, art/music), as well as sections for full curriculum, resources, & receipts.

As I visit each vendor and collect information about that vendor, I take the extra few seconds to put the paper into the correct spot in my file folder.  Yes, this takes a few extra seconds, but remember all that time we saved with the door prizes tickets – (if not, go back and read “Filling Out Door Prize Tickets” then it is OK to spend the extra time now.  Plus later on when you are settling in that evening and want to review the day, you can automatically know where to find each subject grouping.

A Word About the receipts section:

If you have a receipts section, make sure that you put your receipts in it – however, you also want to be careful not to leave this any where that they may fall out as some receipts contain your CC information.

Ok – so now you have your file folder and your door prize tickets labels – you are on your way.  What is next?

Drum roll please . . . . . .

Yes, you guessed it – Keep your eyes peeled and your defibrillators ready for – – – – –

The Amazing, Astounding, All Around Awesome – Three Ring Binder!!

wooooohoooo, alright, yeah, thump (that last one was someone so overcome with excitement that they passed out – hence the defibrillator.)