Countdown to Convention

Hello and welcome to the Countdown to Convention,
This hourly informational blog is brought to you by the CPC – the Convention Preparedness Committee. Some of you are returning adoring fans, while others of you are viewing this for the first time. For those of you first timers out there – here are a few of our frequently asked question answers –
Yes, we are a bit crazy
No, you didn’t really sign up for this
Yes, we are a bit crazy
No, it is not really hourly – but your “whenever the heck we feel like it newsletter” is too long of a name
Yes, I = we

So – this is your first newsletter of the convention season – It is also your warning – Convention is 5 1/2 weeks away – prepare to get prepared.

Of course the timing depends on when you are reading this and which convention you are going to.  To simplify things the start time is 5/1/12 – and the time until your convention is . . . Oh come on – I am not a mind reader – you are a homeschooler – take todays date, count until your convention and figure it out.  Geez!

Feel free to post any questions or comments – if you are a returning member then welcome back – feel free to respond to the group to tell them how wonderful this information is and how much it helped you last year.  (If it didn’t help you feel free to email me privately and tell me why – also feel free to include your CC number so I can buy stuff at convention).

If you have any friends that would like to read this blog please feel free send it to them, I am sure they will be eternally grateful to you.

Signing off for now – More to come soon – See you later – It won’t be long now –

Sincerely – the CPC (formerly the CTHGYRFC)