Day 3 – Playing Monoply – a 3-year old version

So my little bug wanted to play Monopoly.  Bug is 3 – monopoly takes years to play if one of the players is 3.  But he REALLY wanted to play and he said pretty please.  So we played Monopoly – a three year old version.

How do you play Monopoly?  Well – you can find the Official Rules from WikiBooks here Monopoly Official Rules.  The rules include the preparation of each player recieving $1500 in various denominations, what happens when you roll doubles, if you have to go to jail, building properties and it even includes a board layout where it tells you the cost, mortgage value and values based on houses and hotels.

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With a three year old the initial setup would take longer – so what do you do when they really want to play and say “pretty please”?  You play the three year old version.

Quite simply you ignore the properties, the money and the houses.  You let them pick their piece (and sometimes your piece), then you roll the dice.  (Depending on counting skills use one or two dice.)  After someone rolls, state the numbers on each die – the say something profound like – 2 plus 3 equals 5 – after that count out the spaces.  They can move their own piece (with your help counting spaces when necessary) and they can help you move your piece too.

The beauty of this is if you want to let them win (assuming they don’t beat your pants off to start with) and you get around the board first, say – let’s keep going – if you want to be done, say we reached the end – Yeah I/You win!  Good Game – that was fun.

After we finished playing, my little bug was happy, we played the game, he won, we worked on numbers, we worked on sportsmanship, we worked on cleaning up when we were done – we had fun!

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