Day 5 – I’m changing my name

Sorry kids – I don’t answer to mom anymore.  Nope – that’s not it either, and if you don’t get it right then I can’t respond.  Oh wait – that’s not what I meant.  After hearing from a very wise and wonderful person I started thinking about my blog name, “How We School – Homeschool” and wondering, does it really fit?  Actually this wise and wonderful person pointed out that it didn’t really fit because I talk about all sorts of things rather than just homeschooling.  It was also pointed out to me that I need to check spelling and grammar – I’ll get to that in another post.  🙂

Anyway this wise and wonderful person said I really liked your other blog (the private, super-secret one) because that has a good name.  Not that this person didn’t like this blog, they just didn’t like the name of the blog.  My other blog (kind of like – “Pork, the other white meat”) is named Spaghetti and Goofballs.  The Spaghetti part is because of our Italian heritage and the goofballs part – well, if you have read any of these posts, the reasoning behind that is abundantly clear.

So after long deliberation (this morning) I decided that this wise and wonderful person was right – I need a new name.

The original reason for How We School is so that I could use the initials HWS.  Why do you want to use those initials?  Thanks for asking – I’ll explain – you see when we moved to PA I lost my personalized Virginia Tech license plate – some crazy law about you can’t have a license plate from a state other than the one you live in.  My personalized plate was 7YRPLN and it was a Hokie plate.  The plate explained that it took me 7 years to get through school as I was on the 7 Year Plan.  The reason it took seven years are varied, but the major ones are jobs, marriage and a baby boy.  Anyway – back to HWS – after to moving to PA and losing my plate the new one starts with the initials HWS.  (Getting a license plate in PA is hard enough without trying to get a personalized one so it wasn’t worth it at the time.)  In an attempt to make the HWS mean something I decided to have my blog web address contain the letters – hws.  After chatting with some friends another wise and wonderful person (not the same wise and wonderful person) came up with “How We School” and while that fits really well for my “personalized” plate, it doesn’t really work for my blog.

So the new name – I wanted it to be something fun, something that would work for the varied posts that I have and something that was easy to remember (that way I don’t forget).  My first thought was Peanut Butter and Jams – it works with the kids theme and there are plenty of things around here that need cleaning up.  I was all ready to set this up as my new blog when I thought – hmmmmmm – I wonder what would I find if I Google “Peanut Butter and Jams” – there were lots of various things, most of which have to do with music and some of which looked a bit questionable – so OK not that.

Next idea was just a random thought – “Hey, I could call it Chock Full of Nuts” – after all it is very fitting for our family, but it is kind of trademarked.

Here are a few of the other ones that I have thought of –

  • Help, I’m trapped in Pennsylvania! (I am actually starting to adjust to being in Pennsylvania, so that isn’t quite right.)
  • Rebel in a Yankee World (referring, of course, to the fact that we moved from Virginia (a southern state) to Pennsylvania (a northern state))
  • Homeschooler on the Edge (the acronym for that one isn’t quite appropriate – I have kids that read this, but I don’t have to use an acronym)
  • Bean there, want to do that (goes along with a food theme)
  • Crooker Homeschool (this is actually the name of our homeschool)
  • Surf and Turf (except that we are currently living in a landlocked state)
  • French Fried Spaghetti (we are actually part Italian and part French)
  • Italian Noodles (Italian and a little crazy)
  • Homeschool Lasagna (it means that all the different layers of life fit together to make our homeschool work)
  • Lasagna Lifestyle (again a layer thing – sort of like from Shrek)

I’m still thinking – when I figure it out, I will let you know.  Until then, feel free to toss out suggestions or vote for your favorite.  Who knows, in the end I may just use Crooker Homeschool.

Until tomorrow –


4 thoughts on “Day 5 – I’m changing my name

  1. I Like the Crunchy Catholic but that is my blog lol If I can ever figure out how to get back into there lol… I like the french fried spaghetti 🙂 or by hook or crook Sure you have never heard that one before lol Today we did home ec and Religion Sunday church ya know but we canned 12 pts of broth beef and chicken and homemade tomato soup 🙂 and prolly some pickles too if I have time and am not too tired 🙂

    • That sounds great about all of the canning. Do you have a garden or a local place?

  2. What about
    A Crock of Crookers
    Nuts and Bolts, Spaghetti and Bicycles
    actually, my favorite is
    Help, I am trapped in Pennsylvania,
    That will always apply, even if you live in Pennsylvania for 42 years, because you will always be a Virginian at Heart.
    I would steer clear of any title that relates to Homeschooling. Obviously you will write about it, but leave the title vague so you can write about repairing the dryer.

    • I like nuts and bolts – it made me think of another couple as well – a few loose screws, or lost marbles, or nuts, bolts and a sticky floor

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