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Hello there –

Thanks for coming to check this out.  You either arrived here because you clicked on the “About Us” link, followed the link in the Day 4 post, or you accidentally clicked on it while trying to get somewhere else.  🙂

However you arrived here – Welcome.  This blog was and is being written for a couple of reasons.

  1. I like to write.  As simple as that sounds, it is one of the important reasons I am doing this.  Not only do I like to write, I like people to read what I write. I have a private blog where I post pictures of my kids and tell more personal family stories.  Being as that it is a private blog, the people reading it are family or close friends.  As such, most of them are going to say – oh that’s great – whether or not it really is.  (Thanks Mom!)  Not that I don’t believe them – but it can be a little skewed especially when I am showing pictures of the kids – after all – they are adorable.  So here I can write for anyone to read it and not worry about weirdos that I don’t know figuring out where we live and when we are going to be at the library.
  2. Ok – this reason isn’t as altruistic as some, but it is true.  Did you know that you can sometimes get things to review on your blog for free?  You can also get entries into competitions for posting things on your blog, the thing is – if it is a private blog, then you can’t tell them where you posted it so it doesn’t work as well.  So this is a public blog where I can share with everyone.

If you have made it this far – congrats – you deserve a prize.  So here it is :

Tip for the outdoors : Dryer sheets tucked in your pocket will help keep the bugs away.

Now for the About us part:

We are a homeschooling family from Virginia living in Pennsylvania.  My husband and I have three kids. They come in small, medium and large.  When talking about them in the blog I will generally call the oldest one, SixHands, the middle child, Princess (or Monkey) and the littlest one Bug (and sometimes Monkey).  You see I have this thing about putting the kids names on the internet.  And yes, I know I call two of them monkey, but they are both climbers.

We have been homeschooling for quite a few years – 7 and counting and it is wonderful.  Of course, there are times when it is hard and times when it is frustrating, but the rest of the time it is wonderful.  And even during the frustrating time – it is so worth it.

So that is about us – I hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to share –

and don’t think I forgot about your prize for finishing this page:

Camping Tip : Pack an extra set of clothes in a Ziploc bag – that way when everything else is wet – you still have one set of dry clothes.  

8 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. How about, “Forget the camping, make some popcorn and watch a movie instead!” Ok, so I don’t need camping tips, but I like the bug-free dryer sheet tip!

    • Ok Ellen,
      I’ll keep that in mind – I’ll see what tips I can find for indoor living. 🙂

  3. Hey Cuz I need to send you the cool Olympic lap-books were working on now… we will have to get together again soon before school officially “starts”

    • Nice to meet you as well – I hope you enjoy the posts!

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