“Show Me” a fun (indoor) field trip idea

There are a number of options for indoor field trip. You can go to the museum, go to the library, visit a grocery store and see foods from different countries.  The trick in the winter though is finding a field trip that allows kids to exercise and burn off some of that energy that they would normally be able to expend playing outside.

Check out our Boy Scouts at SkyZone – It’s an indoor trampoline jumping facility. They have basketball, dodge ball and one area that is covered in trampolines, including along the walls.



I have more pictures, but I also have Bible Study today so I wanted to at least get this picture in for now.

See you again next week when I “show you” our cure for cabin fever.

Do you want to play video games?

If you ask most kids this questions, they will respond with a resounding yes and while I am not advocating putting the kids in front of a screen 18 hours a day, there are times when it is helpful for mom and dad and when the games or videos are educational, so much the better.

Think about it this way – we want our kids to learn science because it helps them understand about the world around them, but sometimes science can be messy, and sometimes it is hard or impossible to demonstrate a certain principle.  After all, do you really want your kids to jump off of the roof to learn about gravity?  I’m going to say – no!

History is amazing, there have been a number of truly extraordinary things that have happened before you or I were around, however sometimes just reading about it in a book doesn’t do it justice. You get the idea. Learning should be fun, but you want their games to be somewhat educational at times.

The problem comes in though, how do you know which games are ok unless you play them yourself or get recommendations from someone.  That is where I come in – Here is a list of fun and entertaining and (gasp) educational games and apps.  I’ll even note which ones I enjoy playing if you want to give them a try. During this post I am going to focus on android apps rather than computer programs – if you are looking for good computer games check out Cool Math and Reading Eggs.  Cool Math is free and has lots of great puzzle and logic games as well as online math lessons. Reading Eggs is not free, but they have a trial version that you can check out and it has worked really well for Princess and Bug. I am sure there are a number of educational games for the iOS, but as we don’t have an iPad, iPod or iPhone, I don’t know those games. As far as other games we like to play – I’ll get to that hopefully sooner rather than later, but for now check out these fun and educational apps.

Hill Climb Racing by Fingersoft –

Hill Climb 1

Hill Climb 2


  • While this game doesn’t follow all of the rules of physics it does follow some of them. For example, when you are driving on the moon, your little guy doesn’t need a spacesuit, however there is a lot less gravity so he will float in the air after a big jump. This is a fun games for kids and adults.  Bug, in particular, loves this game. We play it for fun, but it has really helped with math as well.  You earn coins in order to purchase new levels and new vehicles so I will ask Bug how much more he needs in order to get the next item he wants, plus he has to decide which item he wants so he is learning a bit about budgeting.  It’s not super in depth as far as that goes, but he is six and knows that if you have 400,000 coins and want to purchase a vehicle that costs a million he needs 600,000 more.

TriviaCrack by Etermax

trivia crack 1 trivia crack 3 trivia crack 2

  • Test your knowledge and challenge your friends.  Another homeschool mom introduced me to this one and it really is a lot of fun. Basically it’s like trivial pursuit, but you can play with friends no matter where they live. Reading is required as is some basic knowledge so it’s geared towards the older kids, but even if you get the answer wrong, the only thing that happens is that it is the other person’s turn.  I am getting SixHands to install this on his device so that we can play together. The trivia questions cover science, history, entertainment, sports and geography. Once you answer three correctly or spin and land on a crown, you can pick a category and play for that piece, collect all of the pieces and you win.  This is good for general knowledge. I haven’t been playing long, but I have yet to see any offensive questions. Oh, and if you need someone to play with my username on there is “@millmtnzoo.va”.

Cut the Rope by Zeptolab

cut the rope 3 cut the rope 1 cut the rope 2

  • You start off this game with a package being left on your front door. Inside is a little critter named Om Nom who likes to eat candy. Your mission is to feed Om Nom. The trick is that the candy is never just in a bowl that you put on the floor for him. The candy may be suspended by ropes, or bouncing on a trampoline or about to be eaten by spiders, so using physics and puzzle solving skills you have to get the candy to Om Nom. While the kids do play this, I admit it, this is one of my games as well.  There are several variations of this game including Cut the Rope 2, Cut the Rope: Time Travel (where Om Nom gets to meet various characters from history) and Cut the Rope: Experiments. These are all made by Zeptolab.

Eggy 100 by Blake eLearning Pty Ltd (Reading Eggs Sight Words)

reading eggs 2 reading eggs 1 reading eggs 3

  • Eggy 100 is for phones, Eggy 100HD is for tablets. This is a good game on its own or as an accompaniment to Reading Eggs or another early reading program.  This game teaches 100 sight words that kids should know by using a Fruit Ninja type interface. The kids are given a word, then eggs and various other things are tossed into the air and they have to recognize the word and swipe or tap it.  I tried it on the fast version (which is recommended for ages 6 and up) and it was a little fast for me, but I did pretty well.  This is a game that I use for Bug and Princess.  It is a little young for Princess in appearance and style, but it helps with her reading so we use that.  One of these days I want to write a series of books for struggling readers that aren’t board books and contain real information, but are simply written at a level they can read.

Eggy Alphabet by Blake eLearning Pty Ltd

  • Also by the company that does Reading Eggs this is a game that teaches the alphabet. Kids can learn both uppercase and lowercase letters. Princess is fine with her alphabet, but Bug still misses one or two occasionally so this is a good game for him.

DrawSomething by OMGPOP

drawsomething2 drawsomething

  • Have you ever played Pictionary? This is pretty much like that. Kids and their friends can take turns drawing pictures that the other person has to guess.  One of the great things that we like about this game is that Bug gets to play with Grandmommy. Grandmommy lives about 6 hours away so we don’t see her super often, this allows him just one more way to keep in touch with her. Granted he really likes the drawing part and doesn’t always like to draw what the word is, so it really is more like unscramble and try to guess the word game for Grandmommy, but it’s still fun.

Scribblenauts Remix by Warner Bros. International Enterprise

  • So, you have this little guy named Maxwell and he needs help to solve problems and puzzles.  In order to help him you can create things just by typing them in. So if you type the word castle, a castle will appear, if you type boat a boat will appear if you type tiny airplane an adorable little airplane shows up. The great thing about this game is that the kids can try to spell the word and if it isn’t right, then they will be shown a list of suggestions that they can pick from. For the younger set, they can say the item by using the microphone option – not only does this mean they have to know what word to say in order to help, but it helps with speech issues as they have to say the word properly.  One issue I had is that the last time I played on one level you have to create creatures and build an evolutionary type of ladder – as we have a creation point of view, I took that as an opportunity to explain to the kids about how some people believe other things, but here is what we believe. So – still a learning experience.

A few other apps you may want to check out are

  • Any apps by Intellijoy – they have reading, math, letter recognition, etc.
  • Spaghetti Marshmallows by Emil Segeras – structures built with spaghetti and marshmallows – all the fun without the mess
  • Physics Cheater by ujj-laptop – various physics equations, good resource
  • Living Physics by Living Physics – physics / chemistry puzzle game
  • Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. – crazy physics based game in which birds attack pigs who stole the birds eggs – there are quite a few versions of this
  • Pipe Tycoon Free by zinine – connect the start to the finish using various shapes of pipe before the water starts to flow and makes a mess
  • Magic Jigsaw Puzzles by Banda Games – the reason it says magic is because you can build puzzles on your device, there are quite a few puzzles and you can choose the number of pieces so the younger ones can play too.
  • Minecraft – Pocket Edition by Mojang – similar to the computer / Xbox version, but a little more limited
  • Ninja Math: Starter Edition by Thinking Garden – make your ninja run and jump to the correct answer
  • Where’s my Water? By Disney – puzzle solving game in which you have to get clean water to a poor little croc who is stuck in the sewer.

As always, be sure to check what your kids are playing to make sure it is right for your family. There are some games that my kids’ friends play that I don’t agree with as I am sure there are some things that my kids play that others will not agree with. If you have educational games that you like, please feel free to share them here.

mcrooker – Homeschooler on the Edge.

Show Me Your Craft Supply Area

We are packing to move so this is what my craft supply area looks like right now!

craft area_1 craft area_2How do I want it to look? Well, I would love to have shelves and drawers and boxes and labels – oh my. I love organization and I love to be able to find things when I go looking for them.

If you look closely in the first picture you will see parts of that organization that haven’t gotten disassembled yet for packing.

craft area_1-1


I use this tool box type chest to hold all sorts of things from thread to pins to ribbons to buttons. It is awesome!

craft area_1-2My shelf unit has the little canvas drawers that fit in it – some are labeled – the others I was just updating. I use this for fabric, patterns, trims, etc.

Ok – that is my craft area for now – when we get moved I hope to be able to show off my new and improved craft area.

mcrooker – homeschooler on the edge


Show Me Your Favorite Organizational Tools

This one was hard for me as I love to organize. The problem though is I have lots of organizational supplies and tools so it’s hard to pick just one. Of course, saying that I have lots of organizational supplies, doesn’t mean that I am always organized – far from it in fact, but I do try.

One thing I do enjoy is tote bags –

31 Bags – I have to say, these are so much fun and there are so many options. I use one of the bigger totes for trips to and from co-op and I have a snowman print utility tote that we use for when we travel for Christmas.

My friend Becky sells 31 bags (if you need a consultant you can find her at her thirty-one site) and I have gotten quite a few from her. I have also received some as gifts. One of my organizational tools is to have a bag for each activity. Here is an example:

Bug’s church class (Got this bag @ a convention)


Six Hands Boy Scouts (picked this one up for myself at the Boy Scout shop)


Princess’s Girl Scouts (picked this one at up at the Girl Scout shop)


Bug’s Cub Scouts (Bug made this during his first or second meeting – you can’t see it, but it is decorated on the other side, but it has his name on it so this is the back – trust me, it’s cute!)


Co-op Classes (purchased from my friend Becky)


Bible Study (gift from my sister)


General Running around (had for a long time now)



And of course my blogger bag (take a guess as to where I got this one)



And my Silent Auction Bag (If you want to donate to HEAV’s 2nd annual Silent auction you can do so online.) This was my original blogger bag, but I needed a bigger bag for the silent auction stuff.  🙂 Oh, and I also purchased this from my friend Becky.


I also like to keep things in binders with labels on the ends so I can tell them apart. I like to use binders rather than folders as I feel like I can access my items better in a binder.

How do you organize your stuff? Do you have a different bag for different things? Do you know of new organizational items that I can look for?

Happy New Year – Family Time

My honey and I decided to do something a little different, but hopefully very special. We decided to plan special dates throughout 2015. Some of these will be Mom/Dad dates, parent/child dates, some of them will be family trips, and there will be an occasional Mom or Dad Only trip.

Why are we doing this? Even though we homeschool, there are still times when it seems like we spend time doing too many other things or focusing on making sure “school” gets done, chores get done, etc rather than spending quality one on one or quality family time.

While the kids don’t know it, we actually already started. We started with a Mommy/Bug Date today. The reason we started today is because there is a local refurbished railroad, and their last trip of the season was today so we wanted to check it out.

If you haven’t heard of the Colebrookdale Railroad, they have done an amazing job with the refurbishing of the tracks and the rail cars. This fall was a preview of the line with lots of things planned for the spring.

Here are just a few pictures of our trip today.

IMG_20141228_151736 IMG_20141228_160307 IMG_20141228_160321

So the plan for New Years is to reveal the upcoming plans for the year, plus tell them that we will add in things as we go. I even have a special calendar that I got from the LEGO store that I am going to have the things written on so they kids can see when things are coming up. Here is how it is all going to work –


  • Word document with each event details (date, time, tickets (if required, etc.)
  • Printed documents (such as tickets) are printed and located in my “travel drawer” so I know where things are
  • Calendar (gotten free from the LEGO store) with each event written on so they kids can look forward to it and know when it is coming up

Last year we won a few things at a few different auctions (Including HEAV’s Silent Auction!) The other auctions were ones that I went to in order to plan for HEAV’s Silent Auction.  So while at the different ones, we won a few things that included trips so those are planned into our Happy New Year Plan. The other “events” that we are planning are not big or expensive, but focus on spending time with the kids. Here are some examples:


  • Going to visit family and friends
  • Trip to the Poconos
  • Going Zip lining
  • HEAV Conference
  • Going to Sight and Sound
  • Going on a Train Trip
  • Daddy / Daughter Dance
  • Company Party
  • Trip to Zoo

Quality Time:

  • Woodworking
  • Craft time
  • Nature Walk
  • Bike Ride
  • Library Visit

Some of these are specific to each child. For example, SixHands loves to go to the library and have time to look for books and Princess absolutely loves to craft. I am looking for some new ideas as well. What kinds of things do your kids like to do with you? What Mom/Dad dates have you done that you really enjoyed?

I’ll let you know how the announcement goes – it will be tomorrow on New Year’s Day! Until then I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year!