HEAV Silent Auction

Guess What!  During their 31st Annual convention HEAV is going to be having a Silent Auction!  I want to donate something.  I am thinking about something like the science kit that I made for Curly or even one of those school supplies cakes – you can find tons of them on Pinterest, because if you are a regular reader you know I have my issues with school supplies.

Look out!  It's a Mallow Blaster.

Hello, My name is Michelle and I buy school supplies.

But here is the catch – I want other ideas so that I can figure out what to donate.  Do you have ideas?  What do you think I should donate?

You know – if you help me out AND come to convention – maybe, just maybe I will have a few items that didn’t fit in the box to share with you.

Be sure to check the Silent Auction page to see the great things that have already been donated by clicking on the HEAV gavel, then stop by during convention to bid on all of the great stuff!

heav silent auction

mcrooker – Homeschooler On the Edge


Convention is Coming! Convention is Coming!

Like Paul Revere riding out to notify the town, I am here to tell you that Convention is Coming!!  What should you do?  Should you run and hide?  Prepare to defend home and hearth?

None of the above – all you have to do is keep a watch here, or on our facebook page to find out when registration opens up — the current plan is end of January / Beginning of February.  As soon as we know – you will know!

Can’t wait – have to know more now?  Here is what I have – enjoy!


2014 HEAV Virginia Homeschool Convention- June 5-7, 2014 – Home Education: A Hope and a Future. Keynote speaker: Voddie Baucham, plus a HUGE Exhibit Hall, a Used Curriculum Sale, workshops, Young Entrepreneurs’ Display, graduation, FREE how-to-begin sessions, and MUCH MORE. Practical, hands-on, and encouraging!

Learn more at our convention page or call 804-278-9200.

If you are Homeschooling…or considering it? Don’t miss the 31st Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention for three days of encouragement, support, and resources!

Attend three, FREE how-to-begin workshops on Thursday, June 5, and afterward, tour the Exhibit Hall (340+ booths last year) as our special guest! First-time parents of just preschoolers and non-homeschooling grandparents can attend the ENTIRE convention for free.

The convention offers inspiring keynotes by Voddie Baucham and lots of incredible workshops with speakers including Rick & Marilyn Boyer,  Phil Downer, Andrew Adams, and Terry Mortenson; a Used Curriculum Sale; Young Entrepreneurs’ Display; hands-on demos in the Exhibit Hall; a Children’s Program; and lots more!

View more details at www.heav.org.

Free How-to-Begin-Homeschooling Workshops

Are you curious about home education? Have you wondered how homeschooling moms juggle parenting and teaching their children? What did they do to get started anyway? What subjects are required and study habits necessary to excel in education? How does one meet the legal requirements to homeschool?

If you have asked these or similar questions, then take the opportunity to learn more at the three, FREE workshops sponsored by the Home Educators Association of Virginia on Thursday, June 5, 2014. After the workshops, browse the mega Exhibit Hall, which offers hundreds of booths filled with educational materials and resources from across the country.

Just a few images from last year . . . keep watching for more to come soon!

2013-06-08 07.07.06 (1280x1236)

2013-06-08 15.04.06 (1026x1280)2013-06-07 09.28.42 (542x800) 2013-05-10 09.52.18 (3)

2014 Graudation Ceremony @ CHAP

From the CHAP Website –

Graduation will be on Friday, May 9th @ pm at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA.

Attendees of the graduation only do not have to pay an entry fee for the convention, however there is a parking fee for the farm center which CHAP does not control.

Registration closes February 15th, 2014.

Check out the 2014 Graduation Ceremony page on the CHAP website for more and to register for the graduation.

The m&m without the m . . .

It was a dark and stormy night.  The m&m’s were sitting quietly on the counter in their bag, never suspecting what was about to happen.

2013-11-11 13.03.29 (960x1280)

Suddenly, out of nowhere a mom and three children appeared.  They were homeschoolers, the m&m’s were doomed.  The Mom savagely ripped open the bag of m&m’s and shouted, “Watch this kids!”.  Oh, the horror, having been made from chocolate, covered with a candy shell and gently stamped with a lowercase m (made from sugar), the poor m&m’s never knew what was coming . . .

Want to know more?  Want to know how to take the m off of an m&m?  The preceding story is true (well, mostly — ok, I admit it, it was daytime, but the rest of it is true!).

Head on over to the HEAV blog for all of the assorted details . . . look for the post titled or just click on this link – - - M&M’s Minus the m