Science Kit for my Beautiful Curly Headed Niece

Science Kit for Curly

A little bit ago I posted a Vet Kit for Princess, in that post I promised to post other kits and things that I made for Christmas presents this year.  So as promised here is a science kit that I made for my Beautiful Curly Headed Niece – we’ll call her Curly.

This project started from a pin I saw – Pin – this was from the Money Saving Mom Blog, it was posted here, but apparently this idea originally came from Jenae at I Can Teach my Child.

After checking out Jenae’s ideas and printables I took stock of what I had, what I could purchase locally, and the science experiments I have done with some of the homeschool co-op classes I have taught.  From there I put together some printouts for Curly and made the kit.  Here are the contents of the kit.  I will also include links to the experiments (as most of them I did not come up with on my own, but found online.)

General Science Supplies :

Goggles - Safety First (or Second, at the very least a close Third)

Goggles – Safety First (or Second, at the very least a close Third)

Science Mat - To protect surfaces during experiments

Science Mat – To protect surfaces during experiments

Science Cloth - because experiments can be messy

Science Cloth – because experiments can be messy

Eye Droppers

Eye Droppers

Scissors - Experiments and General Science

Scissors – Experiments and General Science

White Board - to take notes and make reminders while conducting experiments

White Board – to take notes and make reminders while conducting experiments

Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass



Pencils - General Science & for Scientific Observations

Pencils – General Science & for Scientific Observations

Science Notebook - For Scientific Observations and Experiment Notes

Science Notebook – For Scientific Observations and Experiment Notes

Experiment Specific Supplies:

Hand Sanitizer - Create Evaporation

Hand Sanitizer – Create Evaporation

LEDs - Light It Up

LEDs – Light It Up

Watch Batteries - Light It Up

Watch Batteries – Light It Up

Marshmallows - MallowBlaster & Geodesic Gumdrops

Marshmallows – MallowBlaster & Geodesic Gumdrops

Epsom Salt - Crystal Creations

Epsom Salt – Crystal Creations

PVC Piping  - Marshmallow Blaster

PVC Piping – Marshmallow Blaster

Superfluous, but Super Cool Science Supplies

Dinosaurs - Because Dinosaurs are Just Cool

Dinosaurs – Because Dinosaurs are Just Cool

Also included (but not pictured) were the following:

  1. a CD – Reflecting Rainbows Experiment
  2. File Cards – File Card Bridges
  3. Petri Dish (2) – Just because they are cool and what scientist wouldn’t want a petri dish!

The experiments I included were the following:

I thought about including a Mentos Geyser Tube, but as I was making this for my niece and wanted my sister to continue to speak to me, I decided against it.

I printed all of the experiments and put them into a three ring binder.  All of the supplies I put into a basket that I found at the dollar store.

Super Science Storage Basket

Super Science Storage Basket

The supplies along with the binder fit nicely into the basket.  In the front of the binder I added a Cover page, a table of contents and a supply list.  You can see the original here, or you can download it as a World Document so you can edit it for your own kit.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to make your own science kit.  Enjoy!

Here are a few shots of Science in Action!

Curly making notes in her Science Notebook.

Curly making notes in her Science Notebook.

Look out!  It's a Mallow Blaster.

Look out! It’s a Mallow Blaster.



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HEAV Facebook Party and Convention Tips

HEAV Facebook Party!!

February 19, 2013 – 8pm – 11pm

Be there or miss out on all the good information and giveaways!!!  The party starts at Diana Waring presents

Coming a bit late?  Need to leave and come back?  Check out the whole schedule on the HEAV Facebook Bounty of Blessings Facebook Party page.

I went to this last year – and when I say I went, I mean I sat in my pjs on the sofa with a drink and a snack and my computer!

It’s a great way to find out lots of information, hear about things you may not hear about ordinarily, and have the opportunity to win great stuff.

And if you haven’t marked your calendars for convention yet – be sure to do so – Convention is just a few short months away!  Registration starts soon, but you can start checking it out and getting excited.  I’ll be posting Convention tips and tricks over the next couple of months to help you get ready.

Need a few tips to get you going . . .

Tip #1 – come check out the Facebook Party – the HEAV Facebook Events page has the whole schedule!

Tip #2 – Start collecting books that you aren’t using and want to sell.

When I start collecting books early on, the books that I sell more than cover my convention registration, and go a long way to replenishing my homeschool budget!  You don’t even have to price them yet, just grab a box and stick it in a corner, whenever you come across a book you aren’t using, haven’t used for a while and don’t plan to plan to use in the next year – toss it in!

See you at the HEAV Facebook Party!!

To learn more about the groups participating, go to the HEAV blog giveaway page.

The tale of the mean mommy and her evil chores cards.

Once upon a time there was a nice Mommy.  She lived in a house with her three beautiful and wonderful children, and one loving and adorable husband.

All was well in the house – well sort of.

You see – things are rarely what they seem to be.  The children were beautiful and wonderful children, and the husband was loving and adorable.  But all was not well!
It started innocently enough, it was a late night and rather than have the kids stay up later Mommy said “We will do it tomorrow.”. Tomorrow came …. and went, but the toys remained.

“Well,” reasoned Mommy, “we just moved here and the kids have been having to work really hard at keeping the old house clean.  They deserve a little break.”

You see, this family used to live in lovely Forest kingdom, but Daddy found a new, exciting (and needed) new job, so the family left the Forest kingdom and moved hearth and home to the small Ville of Gilbert.
However, the short break became a long break, and the tomorrow when the toys were to be picked up continued to be forgotten.

Habits are easy to start and hard to break – at least the bad ones sure are (and by habits I mean the things that people do because they are used to it, not the type of clothing that nuns wear.).

Anyway – one day Nice Mommy snapped. That’s it – we must clean this house. There are toys on the floor, there are cereal bowls left over from breakfast still sitting out, there is laundry spilling out of the baskets, AND are two big globs of peanut butter.

(I think the peanut butter is what did it. You see, as Nice Mommy was walking into the kitchen she became so distracted by the peanut butter on the fridge door that she didn’t see the glob on the floor. Ever step on peanut butter? Guess what – it squishes between your toes just like mud – not bad if you are out on warm summer evening playing in the rain, but not so good when it’s in your kitchen and gets all over your warm fuzzy socks.

Globs of peanut butter = snap! OK back to the story.)

The sweet and wonderful children stated in amazement. Clean? We have to what? So Mommy started off by  explaining that the children had to help clean and would tell them things to do and sometimes they would. Other times however, the children would start off with good intentions but become distracted or they would argue.

Globs of peanut butter + arguing = SNAP!

One day, the children were sitting and playing when they heard a very loud noise. (FYI – The noise was Nice Mommy transforming into Mean Mommy) ‘What was that? ‘, they wondered.  they did not have to wonder for long though, because in came Mean Mommy.  At first the children gazed in horror – what had happened to Nice Mommy who let them leave their mess?  And what in the world did Mean Mommy have in her hands?

Oh no!  It’s an index card and a sharpie marker?  Wait a minute.  How is that scary?  How is that mean?

Well, it wasn’t what Mommy had in her had, it was what she planned to do with it.

Mommy made (gasp) chore cards!  Mommy made chore cards with (gasp, pant, pant) consequences!

Chore Card 101

  1. Get index cards, a sharpie marker and a pen
  2. On the top of the card write the main chore – “Laundry – Clean” – in sharpie marker
  3. On the following lines in pen writes the steps for correctly completing the chore.
    • Step 1 – Take your clean clothes to your room AND put them away.
    • Step 2 – Help your younger brother take his clothes to his room and help him put them away.
    • Step 3 – Take the upstairs linens upstairs and put them away.
  4. On the back of the card – write the consequences (both good and bad)
    • When done correctly this chore earns you 10% of your allowance
    • When not done or done poorly or with an attitude, this chore earns you a day without computer.
  5. Final (and most important step) – Inspection!  Don’t just assume that the kids have done these chores – make sure they are done.  (This will earn you two mean mommy awards especially if you point out parts that they didn’t finish and make them finish it properly.)
So not only did not doing the chore mean that you lost part of your allowance, but you also received a punishment AND you usually had to do the chore anyway with Mommy making sure you did it.
Fast forward to now –
It has been a few days since the implementation of the chore cards and Mean Mommy has left the house allowing Nice Mommy to return.  Does that mean that the house is once again messy?  Or did the reign of Mean Mommy leave such an impact that the house is now spotless?
Well to be honest – neither!  You see stories are fun, but we live in reality here.  So while there are still some toys on the floor and some dishes in the sink, there are less toys on the floor and fewer dishes in the sink.  There are also more clean clothes put away and fewer dirty clothes on the bathroom floors.  It isn’t an immediate thing, but it is progress and for now – I’m willing to work with that.

If you jam your finger – take off your rings right away!

Princess is a girl scout.  This story starts at the setup for the daddy daughter dance.  We were pulling chairs down to setup and one of them slipped.  I ended up jamming my finger.

It didn’t hurt too bad right at first.  I went to take my rings off, but they were a bit tight.  I haven’t taken them off for a while.  As we were working hard I didn’t take the time to work the rings off.  After i got home, Princess was ready to get ready for the dance.

I did try a few times during the getting ready – I tried cold water, soap, olive oil and ice.  It didn’t end up coming off.

Picture #1 – can you see that the finger is a bit swollen – I didn’t take the rings off right away – you should do that.  This is the first night.  It was a bit swollen BUT the rings could still turn so I was hoping that it would get better.

Over the next day I just kept doing what I do around the house  – there was laundry, dishes, that kind of stuff.  The problem was that as I kept waiting for my finger to shrink and it wasn’t getting better.  I looked online and saw that one option was wrapping dental floss around the finger.  I tried this with embroidery floss and ribbon, but other than hurting a lot, it didn’t work.

Sunday morning rolls around (the dance was Friday night) and after trying to get my rings off again last night my finger was even more swollen.  I know this because my rings wouldn’t turn very well at all.

Dr. Visit –

After church I went to an urgent care place to see what ideas they had for my finger.  The PA and nurse were both wonderful.  Both were very caring and tried very hard to help me get my rings off without cutting them.  We tried lubrication and tried compression (like I tried with the floss, but with four extra hands).

Unfortunately – we did end up having to cut my engagement ring and wrap, but with lubrication we managed to get my wedding ring off whole.

Picture #2 –  Here is my hand after the rings are off.  The underside of my finger is nice and purple from the bruising.

Picture #3 – It’s hard to see the purple in the picture, but you can tell the color difference if you look at the ring finger and pinky.  The pinky is the right color.

The x-rays say it’s not broken!  Although the PA said there could be a hairline fracture, she didn’t see anything obvious right now.

So my poor rings had to be cut – but my wonderful hubby had said we will get them fixed before I even went to the dr’s office just in case.  However, at least now the swelling has somewhere to go and i get to keep the finger, so i guess it is a good trade off.

Picture #4 – my poor rings – Oh and the purple you see in the background is the bandage for the splint.


Picture #5 & #6 – Splinted

No I didn’t lose a thumb too, for some  reason I had it under my hand when I was taking the picture.

So the moral of the story is – if you jam your finger, take your rings off right away, otherwise you may have to cut them off (the rings, not the finger).

I did manage to get my wedding ring off with a bit of pulling and yanking – at least I can still wear it!