Bug WANTS to clean his room

2013-04-03 10.14.31

The black shelf looking thing is a three drawer unit – where are the drawers? Why they are stacked in the corner – empty – why?

2013-04-03 10.14.56

If it isn’t a train and doesn’t go on the train table – then it should be shoved under it – right?

For the last two days Bug has been asking me to help him clean his room.  I know I should be jumping at this chance and running up there with him.  After all – he wants to CLEAN!  We are in the process of decluttering and cleaning so his room was going to have to be done at some point anyway, right?

So why I am so resistant to the idea?  Because it’s been done before.  We have cleaned his room, more than once, and it always returns to it’s current state – stuff all over the floor.  We have too much stuff – we need to declutter – share – donate – get rid of – stuff.

How will this work?  I don’t know – I guess we will see – here I go – Bug is calling me –

UPDATE : So I have done things a little differently this time and hopefully it will make a difference in the long run.

  1. Bug is helping me clean – Yes I have had him help before, but when he got tired I would let him go and be done while I continued.  This time – when he was tired I told him we would finish the boxes we were on – THEN we would both be done for now.  That means that his room isn’t clean, but when it is clean he will have put in the man hours to do it.
  2. We have a donate box.  Originally I would have a “this doesn’t fit in here so I will put it somewhere else” box, now we have a donate box.  We both add things to the donate box and we both check what the other has added.  If he tosses in something that I think he should keep I tell him why and let him decide, if I toss in something he thinks he should keep I have him explain to me why he thinks he should keep it.  Granted at the moment the things he is putting is are mostly because they are broken, there have been a few things that he put it because he didn’t play with it.
  3. I am taking pictures of the process.  This I think will make a difference because I will be able to show him how messy it had been and when he starts to leave things out, I can remind him of all of the work we had to do in hopes that he will not want to do it again.

Anyway – it’s a process – I’ll let you know how it goes.