OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – K – lahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains

Oh wait – we are going to Texas!  Phooey – I don’t know any Texas musicals, just the Oklahoma one.

Oh well – that’s ok.  Guess where we are going?  Well, it isn’t really a surprise now that I have given it away.  Yes, we are going to Texas.

Did you know that the distance between Gilbertsville, PA and Pottsboro, TX is 1,451 miles.  According to Google Maps, it would take us 22 hours and 14 mins to drive a car, it couldn’t figure out a route for a bus.  Google Maps did inform me that we could shave off 13 miles by walking, however it would take approximately 474 hours – as that translates to about 20 days of walking – I think that option is out.  Biking would only take 146 hours (around 6 days), but since Bug still uses training wheels that probably won’t work out either.

So – we are flying!  We have done the drive before (in the summer while very pregnant I might add), but this time we decided to fly!  airplane

So travel tips for flying on an airplane with 3 kids aged 13, 8 and 4 will be coming in my next post later this week.  Odds are, I will be telling you what not to do, but here’s hoping there are some things I do right too!

See you soon – next time from CST!

I am not a Princess – I am a Mom!

I came to a realization this morning – I am not a princess.  Well, I am and I’m not.  Let me clarify –

I am not a princess in the sense of the fairy tales – in particular – the story of The Princess and the Pea.  For those who are not familiar with the story here it is, in short version.

The prince is looking for a princess.  In order to find out if the ladies who are presenting themselves are “real” princesses they participated in a variety of tests.  These tests ranged from table manners and etiquette to the final test.  The final test was they were given a room for the night.  In their rooms the beds were piled with mattresses and feather pillow tops, but under the lowest mattress was a single pea.  All of the princesses that slept well were sent on their way.  The one princess who did not sleep well was the “real” princess, because the a real princess would have such sensitive skin and would turn black and blue from a single pea under all of those mattresses.  

While it is a cute story I find it hard to believe that someone would have trouble sleeping because of one little pea, however here is how I know why I am not that kind of princess.

Here is what I found this morning when I got up.

2013-06-10 10.34.57 (1212x1280)


Somehow this wooden pine tree was under the bottom sheet.  The thing is, I found it this morning, after I got up.  Which means it was there all night while I was sleeping –

The thing is I have always told Princess that she is a princess – and so is her Mommy.  How does that work?  Well – our Father is the king!  So basically, since God is King – she and I are both princesses.  Just not “that kind” of princess.

As a mom, I have stepped on Lego blocks, little tiny animals, beads and various other toys.  I have been covered in anything and everything that has come out of the various holes on my children.  I have had to go to the eye dr three times for a scratched cornea (one of them got me with a piece of paper, one of them with a domino and one of them with their fingernail).  I have cleaned up stuff from the floor, beds, and children that it is probably best not to mention.  I have slept curled up in a child sized hospital bed when my oldest was sick, I have slept in the woods while camping with the kids, I have slept in my recliner with a sick baby who needed to sleep upright because of a cold, I have slept on a little wooden pine tree because one of the kids left it in the bed.

I am a princess because I am the daughter of the King.  But I am not “that kind” of princess and that is OK.  God made me to be a Mom.

What kind of a princess are you?

Day #3 – a Day late – Sorry, I was napping. :-)

So after heading back to Mom and Dad’s after the end of the convention we packed up the van and this morning we headed back to PA.  So after a 72 hour nap 🙂 I am  back online and back on my blog.

For now I am going to post a few pictures from the convention, then over the next few weeks / months I am going to post about some of the vendors I visited and share some of the wonderful things I learned at the HEAV convention.  I am also going to send you information about some great vendors that I met as well as doing some reviews.

So for now – here is a photo montage of convention . . .




2013-06-07 09.28.33 (800x400)

2013-06-08 07.05.18 (667x1280)2013-06-08 18.07.502013-06-08 14.35.41 (1280x1252)2013-06-08 18.06.55 (1280x899)2013-06-08 17.50.12 (1252x1280)2013-06-08 14.30.01 (632x1280)2013-06-08 14.24.24 (1280x898)2013-06-08 09.18.49 (960x1280)2013-06-08 15.04.06 (1026x1280)2013-06-08 07.07.06 (1280x1236)

Over the next few weeks be sure to come back to hear more about convention, homeschooling in general, our daily lives (and how having a few screws loose doesn’t always mean it won’t work), as well as learning about some pretty cool homeschool companies.

Please let me know if there are any particular topics that you would like to know about and I’ll see what I can do!

mcrooker – Homeschooler On the Edge

Day 2 @ HEAV plus a GIVEAWAY!

Hello all,

It has been a great day at the HEAV convention!  We started off early – now for those who know me early usually means before 10am.  Well, this time early meant EARLY – try 5 a.m.!

We arrived on site at the convention center around 6:30 a.m. to work registration, then from there I helped out my sister, then to be a Workshop Hostess for Heidi St. John – Notebooking and Multi-Level teaching.

Let me just say – this really was a great workshop.  Heidi is a great speaker, she is heart felt, amusing and most importantly you can see her love of Christ flow from her.  If you have a chance to hear her speak – be sure to do so!

The Duggars were also on site today – as evidenced by the Disney-esque “Stroller Parking”.

2013-06-07 09.28.42 (542x800)


Although I do have to say that I haven’t see quite so many rolley carts before at Disney World.  🙂

2013-06-07 09.28.33 (800x400)As a special treat for leaders, I was excited to be able to attend the Leadership Luncheon.  The food was great, the service was lovely, the speaker was Heidi St. John AND as if that were not enough – There were giveaways!

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett gave the leaders a FREE Unit Study co-op package!  We get to pick a Unit Study and then bring it back to try out with our groups!  Thanks Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett — Booth #802/#803

A+ Tutorsoft – Interactive MATH presented each of the leaders with One-Year Access to A+ Multi-Sensory Interactive MATH Homeschool MATH Curriculum.  Thanks A+ TutorSoft – Interactive Math!

Then as if that wasn’t enough – We received an awesome mug from HEAV – (which I will post a picture of as soon as I remember to take one.)

If you are a leader of a support group – you have to check out the Leadership Luncheon – you can join us next year!

Next was the UCS!

2013-06-07 15.47.31This was only a small part of the UCS – a view from the back where I was sitting and going through all of the goodies that I found!  (No, honey.  I haven’t spent our grocery money . . . YET!)

And then to the Exhibit Hall . . . I will post more Exhibit Hall pictures tomorrow as that is where I will be spending most of my time.  Before I go to bed (I am working registration again tomorrow and 5 am comes very early) – I promised you a giveaway.  Well – this isn’t just any old giveaway.  This is a “you have to work for it giveaway!”

Have you heard of the Home Educating Family Association and the The Well Planned Day planners and calendars?

Want a free wall calendar?

Here is what you have to do . . .

  1. Stop by booth #400 – Well-Planned Day and Home Educating Family Magazine!
  2. Take a picture with the great workers in the booth!
  3. Post the picture to some sort of social media!
  4. Take home free calendar!

Want to see my free calendar?  Check it out here – along with the picture I took in order to get my free calendar!

2013-06-07 20.00.27 (2) (600x800)See you tomorrow!