Mark Your Calendars Now for the 2014 HEAV Convention! This is something I am Thankful for!!

HEAV Virginia Homeschool Convention

June 5-7, 2014

Richmond, Virginia

Homeschooling…or considering it? Don’t miss the 31st Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention for three days of encouragement, support, and resources!

Attend three, FREE how-to-begin workshops on Thursday, June 5, and afterward, tour the Exhibit Hall (340+ booths last year) as our special guest! First-time parents of just preschoolers and non-homeschooling grandparents can attend the ENTIRE convention for free.

The convention offers inspiring keynotes by Voddie Baucham and lots of incredible workshops with speakers including Rick & Marilyn Boyer,  Phil Downer, Andrew Adams, and Terry Mortenson; a Used Curriculum Sale; Young Entrepreneurs’ Display; hands-on demos in the Exhibit Hall; a Children’s Program; and lots more!

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Free How-to-Begin-Homeschooling Workshops

Are you curious about home education? Have you wondered how homeschooling moms juggle parenting and teaching their children? What did they do to get started anyway? What subjects are required and study habits necessary to excel in education? How does one meet the legal requirements to homeschool?

If you have asked these or similar questions, then take the opportunity to learn more at the three, FREE workshops sponsored by the Home Educators Association of Virginia on Thursday, June 5, 2014. After the workshops, browse the mega Exhibit Hall, which offers hundreds of booths filled with educational materials and resources from across the country.

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Curious about home education? Searching for great educational materials?  Homeschooling…or considering it?

The 31st Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention, held June 5-7, 2014, at the Richmond Convention Center and offered by Home Educators Association of Virginia, includes FREE how-to-begin sessions on Thursday, FREE full-convention admittance for first-time parents of just preschoolers, keynote by Voddie Baucham, hundreds of workshops on a wide variety of topics, an extensive Exhibit Hall (340+ booths last year), a Used Curriculum Sale, a Children’s Program, Teen Track, and much, much more.

Visit or call 804-278-9200 for details.

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Who doesn’t like Chocolate?  Ok, well, my oldest, SixHands doesn’t, but that is because he is allergic to milk.

This week I wrote a post for the HEAV blog about the Chocolate class that a friend has been teaching for our co-op.  This was my day to teach – we did science – with chocolate!

Head on over and check it out – It Melts in Your Mouth, and Your Hands, and . . . –  it’s worthwhile – the end result of the experiment is a fondue pot of chocolate!

See you soon!

MCrooker – Homeschooler On the Edge