Week 4 – Week 3 Planning (Plus Additional chances to Win a Free Convention Registration)

Ok  – I know the title is a bit odd as we usually count up, but this is the planning that you do between 4 weeks until convention and 3 weeks until convention.  Now that the title makes sense – let’s get to it.

Week 4 Planning in-depth

Registration Information

2013-06-08 09.19.23 (1280x469)

  • Regular Preregistration –
    • $59/member; $69/non-member
    • Preregistration ends on May 22nd
    • Qualifying Parents of Preschoolers can attend free.  You do need to register, but there is no cost.  You can check the preschool page to see if you qualify. If you qualify, you can register online.
    • How-to-Begin Homeschooling Workshops – If you are curious about homeschooling and want to know more, you are welcome to attend three FREE how to begin workshops on Thursday afternoon and then you may tour the Exhibit Hall as a guest of HEAV. Register onsite for the Free How to Begin workshops.
    • Financial Issues – If you have a sincere financial need you may submit a request for a scholarship on the Convention Scholarship Request page.
  • On-Site Registration
    • If you are unable to register before May 22nd, you will have the opportunity to register at the convention.  The benefits to pre-registration include an earlier entry time to the UCS, nametags, and generally a shorter wait at registration.
  • Registration Changes
    • HEAV requests that you do not make online registration changes.  Instead please call the HEAV office at (804) 278-9200 by May 22nd or make changes on-site.


2013-06-07 13.00.22 (1280x822)

  • Friday June 6th, 2014 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.
  • The Leadership Luncheon is a wonder thing that HEAV does to honor those who serve the homeschool community.  If you are a leader it is well worth looking into and signing up for the Leadership Luncheon.
  • Check out the HEAV Leader Support Group Facebook page – This is an outlet for sharing idea, advice and information among the support groups across our lovely commonwealth.

Used Curriculum Sale

2013-06-07 15.47.31 (1280x423)

  • Lay aside the books you know you won’t be using next year and enter these books into the UCS website.
    • Note: If there are books that you are still using, just stick a post it note on the book so you remember which ones you are planning to sell.
  • There is a Friday price and a Saturday price option available.  Use these options wisely.  If you want to sell a book and really don’t want it to come back to your house, then make sure you Saturday price is lower than your Friday price.
  • You can also mark your books as Pick Up or Donate.  If you mark your items for Donate then they will be placed in the gleaning pile after the sale is over.  This means that even if your books don’t sell, they may be able to bless someone else.


    • What are you teaching next year?
      • If you are just starting out or not sure where to start with planning another year start simple.
        • What grade(s) are you going to teach?
        • Do you have friends who are going to teaching or have already taught those grades from whom you could ask advice?
        • Have you heard of any curriculum that you want to look into?
    • What do you need to look for new?
      • Rule of thumb – Workbooks and other consumables are best when they are purchased new.  While it may save a little money to buy something used and either erase all of the old answers or recreate it – odds are your time is better spent elsewhere.
    • What do you want to look for used?
      • The Used Curriculum sale is a wonderful place to look for great deals.  Even though 60,000 – 70,000 items sounds overwhelming, the UCS team has this amazing system and it really is not too hard to find what you need.
    • Which speakers do you really want to hear?

Ok – that’s it for this week.  I’ll be back, either later this week or this weekend with planning for Week 3 – Week 2.  If you haven’t seen it yet, feel free to check out my Convention Planning Post.  Also be sure to register to win a Free Family Registration to the 2014 HEAV Convention.

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Just under 4 weeks until HEAV!!

Be sure to stay tuned until the end for an awesome giveaway from HEAV!


Did you know that the HEAV convention is just under 4 weeks away?  For those of you who are always prepared and ready for anything, I am sure that you not only knew that, but that you also are already prepared and ready to go.  For the rest of us – here is a quick look at planning for convention.  Over the next few weeks, I plan (note the word — plan) to post more in depth prep for each week.

4 weeks out –

  • Register!  If you haven’t registered yet, you will want to do that now.  The cut off for pre-registration is on May 22nd, but go ahead and get it done now and you may get an earlier Used Curriculum time.  The time you get to enter the UCS is based on when you register for convention.
  • If you are a support group leader, register to attend the Leadership Luncheon
  • Lay aside the books you know you won’t be using next year and enter these books into the UCS website
    • Note: If there are books that you are still using, just stick a post it note on the book so you remember which ones you are planning to sell.
  • Start planning
    • What are you teaching next year?
    • What do you need to look for new?
    • What do you want to look for used?
    • Which speakers do you really want to hear? You can learn about the speakers on the Convention Speakers page.

3 weeks out –

  • Continue to enter books into the UCS site.
  • Planning – this week I want you to
    • Make a list of the items you want to get from the UCS, on this list make notes of the full price or any sale prices that you can get.  By doing this, you will know if you are getting a good deal in the UCS.
  • Decide on a budget.  Pray about it, talk with your spouse or a good friend, look at your finances and decide what you can afford to spend. Be sure to plan for extra expenses for those things you see that you just can’t leave without!

2 weeks out –

  • Make sure all of your reservations are in place — hotel, car, travel, etc.
  • Begin to organize your things. If you have room create a “staging area” where you place the things that will be coming with you. In this area you should start placing the following:
    • Books for the UCS
    • Rolly cart, suitcase with wheels, forklift, etc.
  • Finish up your books for the UCS – be sure to watch the UCS site for deadlines.

1 Week out –

  • Printouts – start printing everything you need –
    • Return Address Labels
    • Exhibit Hall Layout
    • Speaker Handouts
    • Convention Schedule

Now, if you have lasted this long, you deserve to get a treat. Or at least a chance for a treat.  As some of you know, and the rest of you are about to find out, I am a blogger for HEAV.  Quite honestly it was quite easy to jump into this roll as I love HEAV and would be bragging about the convention anyway!  However, because I am an HEAV blogger, HEAV has given me a One Family Registration to the HEAV Conference to give away!!

Convention-Gift-Certificate-SAMPLEWhat do you need to do in order to win?  Well, each day that I post I will have a link to the rafflecopter entry form.  All you have to do is go there and follow the instructions.  Be sure to watch for posts all week and try to win a family registration!  (You can still enter even if you have already registered.  If you win, you will receive a refund!)

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