Hissing Cockroaches – 8 and counting!

So today I was at lunch with my honey when I got an urgent (ALL CAPS) text from Princess. (FYI – Princess has expressed that she would like an additional nickname – so for the time being – when I refer to my girl, I may call her Princess or I may call her Webs (after her favorite character in Wings of Fire))

Anyway – – – I was at lunch with my honey and I get an urgent message from Webs.

It said –


I asked how she knew, and this is what I got back:


I figured that was pretty definite. So we did a bit of research and here is what we found out.

For those who are wondering what they heck they are looking at – it’s called an ootheca. Most cockroach species will extrude an ootheca (from my understanding it’s basically¬†an egg sac), after this is extruded the cockroach will usually leave this on the ground or glue it to something. With hissing cockroaches it’s different. Hissing cockroaches will carry their ootheca with them for approximately 60 days. The eggs will hatch inside of the mom, then she will give birth to live young.

Vocab Word : Ovoviviparity – a mode of reproduction in which embryos develop in eggs, the eggs remain inside the mom’s body until they are ready to hatch and are then born. This is the same way it works with sharks.

So – yes, we now have a pregnant hissing cockroach.

I will be able to post more pictures and possibly get Princess (Webs) to blog a bit about the experience.

– Homeschooler on the Edge