Math 4 Summer from A+ Interactive Math

Are you worried that your kids will forget all of the math that you have worked so hard during the summer? Well – A+ Interactive math has you covered – and so does Homeschooler On the Edge –

The lovely people over at A+ Interactive Math have provided me with a gift for you.  You can enjoy 3 months of FREE Math 4 Summer with A+ Interactive Math!

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Get it today for 3 whole months FREE – Right HERE. (Limited time, exclusive offer, NO Credit Card –1 free per family).

Direct link to 3-months of FREE MATH:

The FREE Placement Test will give you a comprehensive report and show any weak areas or learning gaps. You can then back up to any grade and review concepts – AND/OR then move your student ahead to where they should be.

Keep those math skills sharp this summer with the colorful video lessons, worksheets and more by A+.

No other program has this kind of flexibility in a complete math program, like A+ Interactive Math!

Be sure to stop by and see A+ Interactive Math at the HEAV Convention on June 5, 6, and 7th.  Pre-Registration is now closed, but you can register on-site.