Show Me Your Craft Supply Area

We are packing to move so this is what my craft supply area looks like right now!

craft area_1 craft area_2How do I want it to look? Well, I would love to have shelves and drawers and boxes and labels – oh my. I love organization and I love to be able to find things when I go looking for them.

If you look closely in the first picture you will see parts of that organization that haven’t gotten disassembled yet for packing.

craft area_1-1


I use this tool box type chest to hold all sorts of things from thread to pins to ribbons to buttons. It is awesome!

craft area_1-2My shelf unit has the little canvas drawers that fit in it – some are labeled – the others I was just updating. I use this for fabric, patterns, trims, etc.

Ok – that is my craft area for now – when we get moved I hope to be able to show off my new and improved craft area.

mcrooker – homeschooler on the edge


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