5 Tips — 5 days — 1 great giveaway

2015 Convention

Do you know what happens in just over 5 weeks? That’s right – the HEAV convention starts in just over 5 weeks!!  So – over the next five days I am going to be posting different tips and tricks and some behind the scenes info just for you!

5 areas where you can volunteer at the HEAV Convention

 Silent Auction

silent auction 2014


Volunteering at the Silent Auction means that you can keep your eye on those items that you really want (plus you can work with me!!) Statistically volunteers get all of the best items at the best prices. (OK, I made that one up!)

Used Curriculum Sale

UCS 2014

Volunteering for the UCS allows you to see lots of the cool stuff before it even goes on sale, plus if you help with setup, you can eat chocolate for dinner and not have to exercise after.

Workshop Hostess


Volunteering as a Workshop Host means that you have a guaranteed spot in the workshop, plus you get to meet the speaker before hand to ask if they need anything.


200 Homeschool Graduates Get Ready to Embark Upon a New Stage of Life

Volunteering at graduation means that you get to help with parents and kids who “made it” – think of all of the collective knowledge in that room.

 Exhibit Hall

Exhibit hall

Volunteering in the Exhibit Hall means that you get to booth sit – which means that you get to hang out at any one of so many cool booths while the vendor takes a quick break.

Ready to sign up – Great! Volunteer Sign Up Form. You can read more about volunteering in my post from last year – The best thing about convention!

Want to win a free family convention? Enter to win

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14 thoughts on “5 Tips — 5 days — 1 great giveaway

  1. This is our 4th convention. Every year is so different but my main issue is always time management because I tend to get “lost” in the USC or the exhibit hall. I miss a lot of sessions that way.

    • I believe this will be my 9th or 10th year attending the HEAV convention. I have yet to see a keynote speaker – I always end up in the UCS or exhibit hall and then suddenly realize what time it is! Thank goodness the sessions are recorded!

  2. We would be honored to win. It’s our first conference and first year homeschooling. We are very excited!

    • How exciting! Welcome to the HEAV convention – you will have a ball!

    • Carts ready, address labels ready. high lights ready, notebook ready, cooler ready, backpack ready, pens ready, can you tell I am excited for convention! We will also be celebrating our Anniversary that Friday at convention!

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  4. I’m not looking for any specific tips. I love the encouragement and hearing all of the experiences others have had in their years of homeschooling.

  5. I am so looking forward to the home-school convention so I can mingle with other like-minded adults.

  6. I love tips on what to pack and how to see the exhibit halls and UCS and still do all the lectures you want.

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