If you jam your finger – take off your rings right away!

Princess is a girl scout.  This story starts at the setup for the daddy daughter dance.  We were pulling chairs down to setup and one of them slipped.  I ended up jamming my finger.

It didn’t hurt too bad right at first.  I went to take my rings off, but they were a bit tight.  I haven’t taken them off for a while.  As we were working hard I didn’t take the time to work the rings off.  After i got home, Princess was ready to get ready for the dance.

I did try a few times during the getting ready – I tried cold water, soap, olive oil and ice.  It didn’t end up coming off.

Picture #1 – can you see that the finger is a bit swollen – I didn’t take the rings off right away – you should do that.  This is the first night.  It was a bit swollen BUT the rings could still turn so I was hoping that it would get better.

Over the next day I just kept doing what I do around the house  – there was laundry, dishes, that kind of stuff.  The problem was that as I kept waiting for my finger to shrink and it wasn’t getting better.  I looked online and saw that one option was wrapping dental floss around the finger.  I tried this with embroidery floss and ribbon, but other than hurting a lot, it didn’t work.

Sunday morning rolls around (the dance was Friday night) and after trying to get my rings off again last night my finger was even more swollen.  I know this because my rings wouldn’t turn very well at all.

Dr. Visit –

After church I went to an urgent care place to see what ideas they had for my finger.  The PA and nurse were both wonderful.  Both were very caring and tried very hard to help me get my rings off without cutting them.  We tried lubrication and tried compression (like I tried with the floss, but with four extra hands).

Unfortunately – we did end up having to cut my engagement ring and wrap, but with lubrication we managed to get my wedding ring off whole.

Picture #2 –  Here is my hand after the rings are off.  The underside of my finger is nice and purple from the bruising.

Picture #3 – It’s hard to see the purple in the picture, but you can tell the color difference if you look at the ring finger and pinky.  The pinky is the right color.

The x-rays say it’s not broken!  Although the PA said there could be a hairline fracture, she didn’t see anything obvious right now.

So my poor rings had to be cut – but my wonderful hubby had said we will get them fixed before I even went to the dr’s office just in case.  However, at least now the swelling has somewhere to go and i get to keep the finger, so i guess it is a good trade off.

Picture #4 – my poor rings – Oh and the purple you see in the background is the bandage for the splint.


Picture #5 & #6 – Splinted

No I didn’t lose a thumb too, for some  reason I had it under my hand when I was taking the picture.

So the moral of the story is – if you jam your finger, take your rings off right away, otherwise you may have to cut them off (the rings, not the finger).

I did manage to get my wedding ring off with a bit of pulling and yanking – at least I can still wear it!

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