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For regular readers, you will note that the site looks a bit different.  For regular and old readers (old meaning those who have been reading my blog when it used to be called by a different name), you may realize that I have gone back to an old theme.

I have recently been asked if there was a subscribe feature.  Imagine my surprise – someone wants to subscribe to my blog!  Well – after I stopped cheering I got down to looking into this feature.  I am attempting to do this now with the button that you will see to the right that says “Join My Mailing List”.  What will this button do?  I don’t know – I just subscribed myself and am now writing a new post to see.

Want to find out for yourself?  Hit the button – we’ll learn together!  Here’s hoping . . .

3 thoughts on “Join My Mailing List

    • You should see a spot on the right hand side – there is a place for a name and email address – then a button under that – it says “Join My Mailing List” – Let me know if you do or do not find it. Michelle

  1. I don’t see it either. Maybe you have to have a computer (not iOS device) to have full functionality?
    On my husband’s blog (also WordPress) there is a “follow” button. You enter email address and click “follow.”

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