Oh My Word! – the pool is balanced

So we moved here to PA last August. Upon arriving, there was a hurricane, then it was quite warm for about 3 days, then it became fall (for about 4 days) then it was winter and it was cold. So mostly all we did with the pool was add chemicals and try to clean it. (We got in it a total of 2 times – both to clean it and both times it was chilly!)

Fast Forward 9 months

Now it is May – we are told by people who have pools that we should start getting the pool ready at the beginning of May.  We said – ummm, ok – The timeline went something like this :

1 – remove pool cover while trying not to let the little bit of yucky water that is on top of the pool cover get into the pool as we don’t want the yucky water to get into the nice water that we are imagining is under the cover that we so painstakingly put on last fall.

  • Side note : the pool cover either didn’t work or something else happened but who knows.  Anyway – the pool was not the pretty crystal clear water we were hoping for.
Pool Color #1 = Swamp Green complete with mosquitoes larvae – Sight Depth = 0 inches

2 – go look in the shed and pull out whatever chemicals we have leftover from last year and pour them into the pool.

3 – Take a water sample to the Fronheiser’s (the pool place) – get the water tested, get more chemicals to add.

4 – Dump 2.5 gallons of chlorine into the pool.

5 – Clean Filter

Pool Color #2 = Still Swamp Green, but the mosquitoes are dead, Sight Depth = 0 inches

6 – Clean Filter

7 – Clean Filter

8 – Clean Filter

9 – Take water to get tested, get more cholrine –

10 – 59,001 – Ok, for these steps figure that I went back and forth getting the water tested, adding chemicals to the pool, and cleaning the filter (a lot) – here is the progression of the color

Pool Color Progression :

  • Light Green / 0″ visibility
  • Dark Blue / 1 ” visibility
  • Light Blue / 3 ” visibility
  • Light Green / 2″ visibility
  • Dark Blue / 4″ visibility (this was after dumping about 15 gallons of chlorine)
  • Light Blue / 8″ visibility
  • Pool Blue / 12″ visibility
  • Pool Blue / Holy Crap I can see the bottom

I took the water today and the paper I got (that generally tells me what chemicals to add) said “Congratulations – Your pool is balanced!” –

After I swept the pool earlier today I couldn’t see the bottom anymore, but it is getting there.  So how long does it take to get a pool ready?  Apparently about a month – good to know I guess.  Having never had a pool I had no idea how much of a pain they could be, when we lived in VA we had a neighborhood pool, it was always clean and ready to just jump right in.  This one is nice though because it’s really close, we don’t have to pay anything to join, and when I am really warm from cleaning and scrubbing, we can just jump right in.  Plus – hearing the kids play and laugh helps quite a bit.

In fact, we have actually been in it three times this season already! – Check off Aquatics, PE, Water Safety and Chemistry!

All in all – I think we see a light at the end of the tunnel, if however we start to revert back to swamp green – expect to see another post.  That one will say “Pool for sale!”  — and now for our economics lesson . . .