Oh the Smells

Some days are full of bumps and bruises, dings and dents
For days like that, I am thankful for Virginia Soaps and Scents
Holding a bar in my hand I sniff the smell
and then I feel that all is well
What makes Va Soaps and Scents different than ivory, dial or dove
It is because Va Soaps and Scents are made with Love.


Ok – so it may seem a bit corny to write about a soap making company, but if you have heard of them or tried their product then you understand.  First off, this is a true family business – everyone gets involved.  Secondly – they are such a nice family.

I found VA Soaps and Scents at a homeschool convention a few years ago.  I was very pregnant at the time and had been dealing with morning sickness and quite a few aversions for most of the pregnancy.  I was talking with Richelle Spargur who, along with her husband, Roy, owns Va Soaps and Scents.  Richelle suggested a particular item – it was a shampoo bar that had a ginger scent.  Now let me just tell you – I have a lot of hair.  I am not bragging, I inherited it from my mother – she has even more hair.  Anyway, I wasn’t sure how a shampoo bar would actually work, but oh my word – this was the first thing that I had smelled in a long time that didn’t make me feel sick.

After trying this shampoo bar, I was hooked.  Not only did it smell good, but it did an awesome job on my hair.  Very few tangles, not oily at all – in general, a great job!  From there I have purchased gifts for family and friends (the soaps at VA Soaps and Scents not only smell great, but they are beautiful as well), as well as purchasing quite a few for me.

If you want to go and check them out for yourself, I encourage you to do so by following this link – VA Soaps and Scents.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Thanks for doing such a great job and for not looking at me like I am crazy when I stop by your booth at a convention, take several deep breaths and then keep going.  🙂


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  1. I agree, I love them and their soaps.I’ve been using them for years. Best soap ever!

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