Airplane travel tip #1


#1 – Find a window seat
This is before you get on the plane.  As you have to get to the airport at least an hour early finding a seat near a big window is awesome!  The kids can be happy for a while as they watch the planes, little cars, conveyor belts and people.
Quote for the morning — we saw one of the small “golf cart” airport vehicles driving along and not to far behind it was an airplane.  Bug’s comment, “Look at that little car running for it’s life!”

2 thoughts on “Airplane travel tip #1

    • They had so much fun watching the planes, plus there was the added benefit of seeing the people come off the plane so we knew where the jetway was and talked about that while we were in the jetway – “Do you remember the tunnel that we saw that the people walked through? Well, we are in it now!”

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