Texas Field Trip – Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch — as seen on Dirty Jobs

Another fun Texas Field Trip is the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.  The Sharkarosa Ranch appeared as the 1st episode in the 6th season of Dirty Jobs.

The Sharkarosa Ranch is a 126 acre educational animal park.  The ranch is a non-profit organization dedicated to animal care and education.  The ranch is open during the week for field trips and on the weekends they are open to the public – hours vary by season so check the website for full details.

While on our trip to Texas, Grandma and Granddad took, Hubby, myself, Bug, Princess and The Oldest to visit the ranch.  We has so much fun.  We packed a lunch, which was great, because they have a lovely picnic area just outside the ticket booth.  The seating area is close enough that you can watch the barrel train and see some animals before you even go into the ranch.  If you don’t feel like packing a lunch, that’s OK too – Sharkarosa has a concession stand and they have opened up a restaurant called the Bear’s Den.

As we were entering the ranch they were just about to start their kangaroo presentation so we headed there first.  Princess (who is usually a bit shy) was the first one on the bleachers – she wasn’t concerned about who was sitting where, she wanted to see the animals.


During the presentation we learned that a kangaroo’s spine extends into it’s tail, that is why they can use their tails to stand very tall.  In case you weren’t able to hear the kangaroo presentation there were signs to read as well.  Also, did you know that when the baby joey is born they are not born in the pouch, but have to climb up and in – imagine having a baby crawl the length of a football field – the joeys manage this in a few hours.  Once the Joeys are in their mamas pouch, they latch on and will grow quickly, soon they start to poke their little heads out to check out the world.  

wpid-IMG_20130623_104801.jpg wpid-IMG_20130623_104806.jpg

After the kangaroo presentation was the petting zoo.  Granddad surprised the kids with some cups of food (sold on site).  As soon as we entered the kids were mobbed by goats and sheep so I took over the job of holding the food cups and doling out small handfuls.  Some of the goats get kinda tall when they are on their hind feet, but I still managed to keep the food safe.  With goats, sheep, pigs and a camel to pet and feed we spent plenty of time here.


Further along in our travels we were able to see the bear presentation and then we took a ride on the Safari Tram.  The Safari Tram was amazing.  When is the last time you were able to pet a clydesdale, a zorse (zebra + horse), a zedonk (zebra + donkey) and a camel?  The Safari tram had all of these animals, plus we were able to view the zebras, emus and deer.





Of course, we could not pass up the barrel train ride!  Man that little train can move!


After we sat and had lunch we headed back in to see the barnyard animals, the lemurs and we caught the end of the snake presentation.



Remember how I said “as seen on Dirty Jobs” – well here is a little something they have up in their gift shop.


All in all, the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch is a great place to visit.  As a non-profit, you know that your ticket purchase is going to a good cause, plus you get to see all sorts of animals and get an education at the same time.

We arrived at the ranch a little after they opened around 10:30 and we stayed until after lunch.  While probably not a full day event it was a great experience!

Thanks Sharkarosa we had an awesome time!

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