Writing a post daily

So I have this friend – Pamela (not Pam – Pamela!) – she has a blog – You can read it at pamelahodges.org – it is called – I paint, I write.

anyway – Pamela did a challenge a couple of months ago – the challenge was to write daily for a month.  She did it too – she wrote each day – sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.  There are lots of days when I think – oh – I should write on my blog – but then I get distracted and busy and I don’t do it.

Here’s the thing – I like to write.  I enjoy writing.  I am one of those rare literate engineers – I can say this because I spent 7 years in college with other engineers and I am married to an engineer –

anyway – here is my start – I did have to stop a few times in order to do other things, but I am going to post this before anything else happens and I have to stop again.  Remind me later to tell you about the wooden swing and attacking yellow jackets with lysol.

for now – i am going to go order some shoes (they are on sale!) and I am going to put some beef stew in the crock pot for dinner with friends!

The plan is to write each day until the end of the month (yes that’s only 6 days – but you have to start somewhere) – Maybe I’ll write until my sister’s b-day (beginning of August), or my nephew’s birthday (middle of August), or my little bug’s b-day (end of August) – I guess we will see – I’m taking bets now –